Social Media Case Study: How Micromax Mobile Engaged Fans for Russell Peters Notorious World Tour 2013

Micromax Mobile Twitter Contest

Brand Name

Micromax Mobile

Agency Name

Interactive Avenues


Micromax Mobile was the title sponsor of Russell Peters Notorious World Tour 2013 and to engage their fans, they decided to appreciate their love by making them a part of the show.

Couple passes were up for grabs for all the venues New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Chennai.


Twitter became the launch pad for the #MicromaxLaughathon contest.

A Facebook tab was created with the intent of directing the traffic to Twitter to maximize participation for a contest wherein the fans got a chance to win couple passes for their respective cities.

They asked tweeples to tweet about the moments that make them say ‘Somebody’s gonna get a hurt real bad!’ along with the hash-tag.


  • 3,483 tweets were published by users
  • 32% were Retweets
  • 26% (900 mentions) were Regular tweets
  • 42% (1,472 mentions) were replies
  • It trended across India on 4 separate occasions
  • 3,483+ mentions on Twitter were garnered