[Infographic] The Business Marketers’ Guide to Instagram

The business marketers guide to instagram

We all know by now that Instagram has touched a point where it can be touted as one of the top photo-sharing/video-sharing platforms in the market. But do you have any idea of the kind of brands that use it? Is it only B2C or do even B2B brands use it?

Well, most people assume that it is meant mainly for B2C brands, but that is not the fact. B2B brands can also make ground-breaking use of this pleasant photo and video sharing platform. Infact, there are already some B2B brands like GeneralElectric, Intel, Adobe, Hootsuite, Fedex and so on that use Instagram.

The infographic below will tell you why Instagram is so powerful, and why you should use it in your B2B marketing campaign:

The Business Marketers Guide to Instagram

Source: Marketo