Facebook Launches ‘Dislike’ for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Dislike Button

Liking and commenting have been an integral part of our lives. But were we keenly looking forward to a dislike button too? Well a lot of Facebook users were and had even made petitions for it!

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Facebook had recently launched Facebook Stickers that allowed users to use different emoticons while chatting with their friends. India’s very own homegrown superhero Krrish also got his own collection of Facebook Stickers, a special set of emoticons.


Facebook today launched a set of like button stickers that include poke, a sore thumb, a love thumb, peace sign and the most infamous dislike button. Users can get the stickers inside the stickers store of Facebook Messenger for free.

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Do you think Facebook will also launch this for status updates and pictures? Or will be like a loose cannon that goes about hurting peoples feeling. That might lead to more drops out from a platform that already has it’s fair shares of haters.

What do you think? Do you want the dislike button for status updates and photos too?