[Event] Learn to Measure ROI on Digital & Social Media by GBG Mumbai

Event ROI on Digital Social Media – Dec 21 GBG Mumbai

Give away an iPod and voila your hashtag is trending on Twitter, all the contest junkies are giving you funny answers to win that iPod. But are they your real customers? Did your brand reach the real audience? Did it make any impact? Was spending your marketing budgets on giving away those iPods give you any returns?

These are the question that arise in every entrepreneur’s mind today while trying to assess the success of a social media campaign; the challenge increases when it comes to doing other digital media campaigns like SEM or banner campaigns.

You trended on Twitter, so what?

Return on investment (ROI) on digital and social media is starkly different from measuring ROI on other marketing initiatives. The difference is due to the engaging nature of digital medium as opposed to print and TV which only broadcasts information.

The power of a ‘Like’ and ‘retweet’ are indeed unique to social media. They require customized yard sticks to measure and benchmark since a CTR percentage is unique to each campaign.

Google Business Group (GBG) Mumbai brings you a unique opportunity to learn the techniques of measuring ROI on digital and social media marketing. For a SME, every rupee matters and this event helps you get maximum bang for your buck.

Three industry experts are presenting interesting cases studies over an interactive session at the event. They will demonstrate accepted methods of calculating your return on digital and social media marketing investments. What more? You could interact with the speakers to learn more; build your network with fellow GBG members over high tea.

Join us on the Saturday, 21st of December

Event  ROI on Digital   Social Media – Dec 21   GBG Mumbai

 Event Invite – Measuring ROI by GBG Mumbai

Venue: Seminar Hall, 1st Floor, Harkisan Mehta Institute of Journalism, Mithibai college campus, Vile Parle, Mumbai.

Time: 5pm to 8pm

 Registration: Free and by registration only. Fill the form below or (click here to register)

 RSVP: [email protected]