Social Media Agency Feature: DIGIWALE – A 360 Degrees Branding Agency


Who are we?


Digiwale is a troupe of young, driven entrepreneurs who create innovative approaches to unite passionate communities. Our ultimate goal is to help our clientele build stronger relationships with their clientele.

You can expect everything from Brand Consultancy to Social Media Marketing i.e. we figure out a way to push your brand to meet and mingle with communities that value what you have to offer. Our master laboratory is located in Pune but we work from Mumbai as well. And yes, we’re going places soon!

 What’s in the name?

In a world that is becoming increasingly tech savvy, it is not difficult to understand why the word ‘digi’ (digital) is of importance! At the same time ‘wale’ (people) gives the name a raw, endearing and local feel which makes it interesting and catchy enough to remember and connect with.

What do we do?

  • DigiMind Share (Digital Media Planning)
  • Digi Brand Pandit (Branding)
  • Digi SocialConnect (Social media marketing)
  • Digi Rank (SEO and SEM)
  • The WOW Effect (UI& UX buildup)
  • Digital Marketing Garage (Training)

Why do we do it?

The world today has gone completely digital! The future of business and marketing lies in the online world and hence we got into it. Moreover, we love what we do!

How do we evolve?

Digiwale believes in a simple and amazingly powerful funda – Never stop learning.

Whether it is keeping up with Twitter trends or brainstorming for new ways of marketing on Instagram, we continue to learn from each other and from everything around us.

Social responsibility in social media

Social media is a powerful tool –the way information spreads on a wide scale within a short span of time is both amazing and a little scary considering how false information can spread just as fast as right information. As an agency we sincerely try to see to the best interests of our clients without compromising on our integrity and morals.

Need of the hour

Educating people about how social media/digital marketing requires creativity, skill, on-the-toes thinking and intelligence. We feel that it needs to be given credit as a profession rather than be viewed as something anybody and everybody can do.

We learned it the hard way

Content gets stale very quickly in the social media world. Hence, constant innovation and inflow of ideas from the team is necessary to keep the social media boat sailing.

Did we just share that?

We’re open for ESOPs… ;)

They work with us

Being less than six months old in the fraternity, we have clients based in India, US, UK and the middle-east, across business categories.

  • Delphi Computech – SAP Partner
  • MobileToyz
  • EAT – The Good Food Place
  • Tutto Bene
  • CMDA IT Expo
  • SocialMail
  • Plobal
  • Pune Kite Festival to name a few….

Industry as we foresee

With more and more brands creating a social media presence, in the coming years digital marketing will be seen as a marketing platform that’s equal in importance to the traditional platforms. This will not only lead to more interesting competition but will also make social media marketing an important career option.

A day without the Internet

Well, we make sure it happens every week – to relax, take a day off, sip on some chilled beers and have a good time.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, some smart Graphic Designers.