Social Media Agency Feature: Magnon\TBWA – A Digital Marketing Agency

A Digital Marketing agency

Who are we?

One of the largest digital marketing agencies in India, and a part of the global media conglomerate- Omnicom Group (NYSE: OMC), we proudly introduce ourselves as Magnon\TBWA. The year 2000 marks the birth of a creative agency with a host of digital media services that help brands connect better with their target audiences.

With around 200 Magnon-Knights across search, social and mobile media, we have a strong foot in creative design and technology applications. Spanning across full scale facilities in Delhi and Mumbai, we are a team of crazy, creative people who are addicted to fast-track growth.

What’s in the name?

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Wiki defines ‘Magnon’ as “a collective excitation of the electrons‘ spin structure in a crystal lattice.” That’s basically an excited state of magnetism for several electrons!!

 A term derived from quantum mechanics, caught Vineet’s (Founder & CEO) attention and overpowered him. The fact that a spin wave can cause deviations in the normal behavior of magnets was quite fascinating. This was precisely the nature he envisioned for his digital marketing services- one that stirs up disruption from the normal, expected and routine. Hence came into being the name “Magnon Solutions”. Magnon Solutions was acquired by TBWA in January 2013 and is now known as MAGNON\TBWA.

What we do?

Magnon has a comprehensive set of offering that provides a single-window-solution to all the digital requirements of our clients. Our services can be broadly categorized as:

  • Digital marketing (consulting, strategy and execution)
  • Web technology
  • Mobile technology
  • Creative services
  • Support services

Why we do it?

For a nation obsessed with communication and networking, social media brought tremendous opportunities to connect one-on-one with the relevant audiences. The gap was evident and opportunities it presented were endless. Today, with 13 years of experience behind us, we still find the road ahead challenging enough to tread new and uncharted paths.

 How we evolve?

The digital space is dynamic in nature. Keeping in tune with the changing rules of the game is crucial for survival as well as evolution. We therefore, keep a pulse of the trends and also at times create new trends, remain open minded about new possibilities, and in the end it is all about adding value to our clients’ business.

Social responsibility in social media

 The fans, brand evangelists, followers are all on your side of the team. They are your brand ambassadors on social media. Being honest and transparent with them builds credibility. Without it, content carries no weight, no matter how good it is.

Need of the hour

The consumers are increasingly shifting their focus to social media. Brands need to do the same, instead of relying heavily on traditional media.

We learned the hard way

Constant growth doesn’t happen on its own. You need to get out of your comfort zone and push your boundaries to discover new things. You need to be open to the change and sometimes it is essential to be the change to unleash new heights and horizons.

They work with us

Suzuki, Haier, Luminous, Nissan, Datsun etc.

Industry as we foresee

Mobile is going to be next big screen and will present a fresh set of challenges and opportunities. We are all set to explore this new world!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Talented talent is always welcome! We are expanding rapidly, in both domestic and international business, and scouting for potential team mates.