Social Media Campaign Review: Max India Enables you to Count Your Blessings

Max India Count your blessings

Max India is a leading healthcare and insurance company known for its sophisticated facilities, and as a brand it wants to position itself as a friend who cares for your health, well-being, and happiness. With its recent social media campaign, Count Your Blessings, it wants to reinforce this idea of themselves. In the paragraphs below, we will review the campaign to see how far it has taken the brand in terms of its positioning.


The objective of the campaign is to share a feel-good story about the life of the participants with the hope that it will carry a positive effect towards the brand.


Count Your Blessings is an interactive Facebook application that uses the profile information of the participant to narrate a story which tells him/her how wonderful his life is, and how much he/she is loved. The application needs access to the participants’ profiles to weave a story.

Max India Count your blessings


The campaign has used the profile information properly to spin a wonderful story to tell the participant how blessed his life is. The information presented here is taken from the participant’s profile, which then is used to present a happy picture of his life.

When I clicked on the link that requested permission to grant access to my Facebook profile information, I was taken to the following screen. And a single click took me through various slides making me count my blessings.

Max India Count your Blessings

The contest has been nicely designed and there is only as much text as is needed.

Scope for Improvement

There is very little that Max India could have done differently. There was one thing that concerned me, and that was the slide that talked about the city I live in. The idea is nice, and it has also been well executed. But I see the limitation of this slide present in the fact that Facebook users are from all over the country, from metros, to mini-metros, to small towns, to villages. Getting information on each and every place is a difficult task.

Max India Count your blessings


The campaign has been nicely planned and well executed. It goes in line with the associations Max India wants to form for its brand.