Social Media Campaign Review: Mountain Dew Rides the Dhoom 3 Wave with Join the Chase Campaign

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Building a buzz for a brand around a film is not something new but there is always scope for innovation. And that is precisely what the Mountain Dew “Join the Chase” campaign is seeking to do.  With a dedicated Facebook app for this campaign, Mountain Dew is working hard to capture the interest of its target audience-- the youth.

Mountain Dew Join the chase campaign review


The campaign is well ingrained in the much awaited Bollywood flick Dhoom 3. Riding high on the buzz building around the film’s release, Mountain Dew is seeking to cash in the film’s publicity while positioning its endeavour around the story of the film.

Mountain Dew seems to be gearing up to close this year’s social media initiatives with a bang and the Join the Chase campaign is how it is vrooming in to the close of this year.

Mountain Dew Dhoom 3 Join the chase campaign


The campaign offers Dhoom 3 fans the opportunity to win the new 1000 CC BMW bike from the movie. “J” has just zoomed off in a blazing new BMW Bike, running wild, with ACP Jay Dikshit and Ali trying hard to chase him down. To do this, however, they need a helping hand – they need participants to help in the adventurous hunt.

How to play:

Winning depends on the fuel points participants accumulate. To participate:

  1. Just grab a Mountain Dew D3 Pack – SMS DEW to 08303083030.
  2. Every Mountain Dew D3 Pack gives you 400 Fuel Points.
  3. Share your activity updates on Facebook and Earn 40 Fuel Points.
  4. Login to Facebook application daily and earn 20 Fuel Points.
  5. Daily Top 100 scorers for each game will earn 40 Fuel Points.

dhoom 3 mountain dew join the chase


The campaign cashes in on the buzz surrounding the release of Dhoom 3. The game is exciting and keeps fans engaged and interested by giving them an opportunity to accumulate fuel points by answering questions and sharing their activity on Facebook.The leader board keeps people motivated and abreast of all the latest happenings.

The grand prize in itself is very attractive, the 1000cc BMW Dhoom 3 bike.  A dream ride indeed!

Mountain Dew with its base of Facebook 8.1 million fans and over 10,700 Twitter followers is using both platforms to keep people engaged and updated on the campaign.  Facebook posts and tweets are all entwined together to keep the buzz alive and growing.

The dedicated Facebook app is well designed, and the navigation is smooth.

But the biggest positive is the way the game intelligently manages to make people buy the product in the first place.

Scope for Improvement

Some offline integration perhaps would have made this campaign even more interesting.  The “Terms and Conditions” are rather long drawn, leading to absolutely no kind of interest in reading them.

Apart from the Facebook and Twitter activity, there is virtually no online buzz on any other platforms or websites.


In keeping with the fast pace of Dhoom 3, the campaign is full of action and there’s a lot happening that keeps people engaged and interested. This campaign is another interesting social media campaign from Mountain Dew, reinforcing the brand message of taking risks and conquering fears: “Darr ke aage hi jeet hai”. The campaign is an exciting game, involving risks as well as frequent rewards, keeping the participants on their toes.

Social media Campaign Review Mountain Dew Facebook Application dhoom 3 facebook cmpaign join the chase