Social Media Tool Feature: Happiest Minds – A Customer engagement Platform

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Happiest_Minds_LogoAbout the Platform:

Happiest Minds’ Customer Engagement Platform will enable brands to develop a structured engagement with users. Brands can connect directly with users to get meaningful and actionable insights through interesting and targeted engagement. Users in turn feel valued when brands reach out to them and reward them for the insights they provide.

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Through this structured engagement, brands would be able to get valuable insights like user participation, engagement performance and bench marking. Brands would also be able to identify influencers whom they can nurture to become brand advocates.

Who founded the Product/Company?

Happiest Minds, an IT services company, founded by Ashok Soota, is a next generation IT services provider focused on harnessing disruptive technologies such as Cloud, Mobility, Social CRM, Analytics, Infrastructure and Security in an integrated manner to derive disproportionate business value.

Happiest Minds secured a US$45 million Series A funding led by and funded by Soota, Canaan Partners, and Intel Capital. The Customer Engagement Platform is conceptualized and built by the Social Computing Practice of Happiest Minds.

What delivery channels does it cover?

The Customer Engagement Platform will be available on a multitude of delivery channels like EngagementJunction, the brand website, the Facebook page, a mobile website and a mobile app. The idea is to leverage an already existing and burgeoning user base to have meaningful and measurable engagements.

Features of the platform?

The Customer Engagement Platform will give brands the ability to create a variety of engagements such as Content Marketing through Blogs, Photos and Videos, Questions, Surveys/Polls, Ratings, Product Reviews, Sampling, Coupons, Referrals, Focus groups, etc. Brands will also be able to run engagements for a specific target audience based on demographics and interests.

What analytics support does the platform provide?

Analytics for Customer Engagement Platform will fill the gap in the analytics provided by leading social networks today.The platform will provide 3 types of analytics based on the types of subscription – Basic (Quality insights on each engagement, like the number of people who participated, the number of times an item was shared), Advanced (Become aware of trends about brand engagement, like most popular engagement conducted by a brand, how an engagement evolved through its life cycle) and Benchmarking (Assess engagement performance of your brand by comparing with different Benchmarks like Geography, Industry, Engagement Type etc.) Platform will be providing an option to download these reports offline too.

What are the brands/agencies that are using this platform?

Happiest Minds is in talks with some leading brands/agencies in India who have expressed great interest in this platform and would like to explore the targeted and measurable engagement it provides, like couponing, sampling, surveys/polls, events/preferred access, etc. These brands/agencies want to receive a greater return on investment on their marketing spend.

Pricing & Packages

Pricing would be available on request soon.