How @srinistuff and @Miss_nautanki Met on and Got Married. Read Their Story

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How @srinistuff and @Miss_nautanki Met on and Got Married. Read Their Story

We have all known and seen people getting hired via social media, businesses bagging clients, or brands reaching out to consumers. Even celebrities use the medium fairly well to stay in touch with their fans. In the year when a lot of outrage happened over social media for all the right reasons, somewhere in small parts of the world, love stories were brewing.

What's the big deal about this you say? These stories started on social media. Yes, you heard that right! Couples met on social media platforms, started talking, and one thing led to another. Some are dating, some are engaged to be married while a few are happily married.

We plan to interview each one them and feature their love stories. Since Srinivas Kulkarni and Deepika Gumaste are getting married today, it seemed just right to start with them.

Here is how it happened

Srinivas Kulkarni got hooked on to Quora at an early stage when it was invite only. Like most people, he found it to be a fascinating tool to gain knowledge beyond just information, but also through others perspectives and views. He started exploring the domains of Travel, Mythology, Technology, Social Media and Startups on the platform - things that catered to his interests. Deepika Gumaste his fiancée, being in PR was also active on Quora and answered various questions on topics, such as travel, life, but mainly communications and PR.

srini 1The two met online when she followed him and he followed her back, read a few of each other's answers and upvoted them. Perhaps, they had already started appreciating each other's intelligence. Later on they also connected on other social media platforms, mainly Twitter and Facebook.

Since, they stayed in the same city, they went on to meet each other after a few days. A common interest of travel led them to a trip to Hampi, and the rest was history. What started as an 'innocent interest' on Quora, led to a wedding on 26th December, 2013 - something that is going around the Twitter circles as #QuoraWedding.

What happens when you meet the love of your life online?

In an answer on Quora, Srinivas recalls the beginning of it all, "I still remember the gleam and beauty in her eyes on that DP she had back then and it still is fresh in my memory :) And not that I believe in 'Love at first sight' or for that matter our belief of love as such is much more complex than ordinary, I had feeling that there's a reason why we met here... Back then it meant nothing, but now, when I connect the dots it all falls in place. And I know why..."

He says, "Connecting with people through Social Networks is more than just being out there and getting discovered. No matter how many social networks come and go, the Internet has evolved to such an extent that it has become easy to identify with the right kind of people online and it's faster as well. With so much of personal data out there, the ability to share content, photos, interests, job details etc. being embedded in most social networks, it's much easier to relate to and at the same time connect with like minded people."

So what is with the hashtag?

After all, the nation's first Quora Wedding needs to go up for some live updates social media! Well, here are some of the tweets around the #QuoraWedding!

As the upvotes turn to Band Baaja Baraat, here's wishing that their love for Quora never dies! As the groom rightly points out, "Heck, we've even sat in one place with two devices reading answers on Quora  ;) What more can you ask for?" What more can two people madly in love with each other as well as social media ask for?

Signing off with a 'selfie' from the #QuoraWedding groom.

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