9 Practices Restaurants Must Follow On Facebook


Are you planning to promote your restaurant on Facebook? Then you need to think clearly and consider some issues very carefully. Some of the things you can do are – post pictures of foods and menus, organize various food contests on Facebook and engage your fans, promote various offers via Facebook advertisement, share and celebrate special moments and occasions with your fans.

Iffort, a digital agency, has compiled a presentation with 9 tips to help you get the most out of your Facebook presence. These are our observations from the work they have done for one of their clients, Ristorante Prego, a premium Italian restaurant in Mumbai. This is just the starting point and these tips shall help you kick-start your strategy and there could be several additions to the list.

1.) Let your pictures do the talking

Actual images of food can go a long way in showcasing your restaurant dishes. People love food when they see it in person or on Facebook. So the most important ingredient of your Facebook presence is “FOOD”. Sharing good images from your menu is one of the best ways to connect with your prospect customers on Facebook. Make your post content crisp and use visuals wherever possible.

So go ahead and tickle some taste buds today!

2.) Tease your fans with food-related wall quizzes

Ideally, this is the best way to interact with your fans on the page. You may ask some interactive IQ questions or throw open a maze to solve or simply ask a question etc.

3.) Doing exciting food related contests

The second most important ingredient of your Facebook presence is “ENGAGEMENT” & the best way to do so is by organizing specific food related contests around special occasions or days.

4.) Do on-ground activations

Reward your fans who have visited your restaurant and create awareness among your customers about your Facebook presence. Your customers are quite active on mobile when they are in your restaurant. This is a great opportunity to tempt them by offering some discounts, special deals or offers for being your fan.

5.) Promote your restaurant offers!

There’s a huge audience for your restaurant on Facebook beyond your fan page. Promote your restaurant offers through FB ads and reach out to a larger targeted audience. Facebook ads give you an opportunity to target audience with specific interests, likes and dislikes.
Target people who could most likely be your customers!

6.) Celebrate special moments with your fans!

Your fans love it when you wish them on special occasions. So, be part of their lives and celebrate with them. You may also offer them some discounts/special offers especially for the occasion.
Choose those moments and greet them!

7.) It’s all about loving your Fans!

Encourage your fans to visit your restaurant! Create happy experience(s) for them and share their stories on your FB community. The idea is to encourage your customers to share their restaurant experience(s) on social media as positive online reviews have a major role to play in influencing your fans to visit you.
Share your love for your fans and they will keep coming back to you!

8.) Share interesting food facts!

Food connoisseurs love unique and interesting facts about food, be it eating or cooking. Share it with them and they’ll in-turn share it with their network of friends. The idea is to fascinate your fans with something new and pleasing.
Keep it crisp and make it a delight for fans to read, like and share!

9.) Talk about your milestones & thank your fans!

Give a shout out to your fans and thank them when you reach significant milestones. Your fans love it when you make them feel important.
Ask them questions about their favorite food etc. and they would love to interact with you.
Initiate the talk and let your community take it further!

But remember, follow a strategy and don’t do everything at once. It’s easy to fall into a trap and do all things together. Pick one thing at a time but do it with full focus.