Agency Spotlight – Flying Cursor – The Terrific Team Behind the Agency

Flying Cursor The Terrific Team Agency

As our “Agency under Spotlight” for this month, we present to you Flying Cursor, a creative digital agency that has executed digital campaigns for brands such as Standard Chartered, Bombay Blues etc.

Showcased here are the key team members of Flying Cursor who put together a great teamwork to execute brilliant campaigns.


Parag Gandhi

Designation: Slayer of Mediocre

Why I Exist: I exist to spin the web, love some pets, walk long walks and to tell stories & collect designs.

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Aha….not sure actually what they call me…going to be watchful and find out!

Client to me is: the one who bites the bullet and so the partnership can’t be equal. It has to be more ownership at my end and more trust at their end. We mix this to make awesome digital campaigns and brand solutions.

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Flying Cursor: Many, everyday there is a new chapter added. The most recent one revolves around the woman who can’t be seen unless your working late, and thus the legend of Sandra!


Tushar Malankar

Designation: Interpreter of Ideas

Why I Exist: To make design change the world

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: The man with the moves

Client to me is: The one who allows me to take take the leap, from a blank paper to whats best for the brand.

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Flying Cursor: Will Tushar and Kazan do a dance off?


Tejas Hingu

Designation: Creator of Impossible

Why I Exist: I exist because I love to work with my team. They are the driving force behind my existence..

Behind my back, my co-workers call me: How am I supposed to know what they call me behind my back… duh! That’s why it’s called behind my back.

Client to me is: Someone who is  ready to try out new things …so together we can do stuff no one has ever thought of.

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Flying Cursor: Come on really, do I look like the gossip kind?


Shormistha Mukherjee

Designation: Intergalactic Goddess

Why I Exist: To do fantastic work

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Ha! wouldn’t I just love to know!

Client to me is: A partner, and together we make brands and people sing the light fantastic!

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Flying Cursor: Hmm…there ain’t no cooler here. So I’m gonna give you the Flying Cursor Fridge Funda: Lunch gets over in 2 minutes. If you have anything tasty, don’t say a word, just stuff your face as fast as you can. If the food is boring, announce you have prawns mixed in it…and it’ll fly off the shelves!


Suhas Parab

Designation: The supreme observer of life

Why I Exist: To spread happiness to my clients and colleagues.

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Behind my back, my co-workers call me: I’ve heard rumours that some people do that but somehow they tend to disappear mysteriously.

Client to me is: Part of a team

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Flying Cursor: Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Flying Cursor: Where did the pen drive disappear?!


Kopal Doshi

Designation: Collector of Cool

Why I Exist: To serve my cats and do work which would make people sit up and gasp, in that order.

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: She who shall not be named.” (Or something equally cool, I hope).

Client to me is: A super bunch of people who want stuff that makes their business work better, and it’s our job to give it to them.

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Flying Cursor: For want of a water cooler, we put it all on the Facebook page. Go see!


Mahua Hazarika

Designation: Show me the money

Why I Exist: How many times do you want me to say this? Show me the money.

Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Its supposed to be behind my back silly! If i knew then it wouldn’t be behind my back would it?

Client to me is: Depends on the part I am playing in the Graphic Novel/Movie that day, the client can range from Darth Vadar to Jabba the Hutt or Obi Wan Kenobi

Hot Water Cooler Gossip at Flying Cursor: Ask the Intergalactic Goddess. She has her ears everywhere!

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