Social Media Agency Feature : Ourbit – A Social Engagement Agency

Ourbit_ Logo

Who are we?

Ourbit social media agency

Ourbit is a social engagement agency where we aim at creating a synergy of real and social world engagement. We started a year ago on 12/12/12 (no we didn’t choose the date!) as digital partners to Ideosphere Consulting and within a short span of one year; we have grown from a work-from-home setup to working from two cities, Mumbai and Pune. Our team is greatly supported by our group partners from Ideosphere Insights and Ideosphere Consulting.

The total number of contributors at Ourbit as of today is 6.

What’s in the name?

Well, Ourbit comes from a very simple amalgamation of two words “OUR BIT”- we add our bit of magic to our clients’ success. It is also a word play on ‘Orbit’- the place we would like to take our clients to.


What we do?

  • Social Media Communication
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Social Media led ground activation planning
  • Corporate Training

Why we do it?

There are enough social media agencies out there that are doing a great job. The only thing which was missing was an agency which offered campaigns that have a real and social world connection. This is the future of brand engagement where people act in real world and their actions are reflected in their social profiles. We wish to tap in to this market.

How we evolve?

Ourbit Team

No industry is evolving as rapidly as social media and digital communication. In order to stay abreast of the latest happenings in the industry, we have regular internal paper presentations. Our own social channels are a pool of knowledge sharing streams.

ourbit social media agencySocial responsibility in social media

Just the way social media campaigns can build a brand campaign, in the same way, the platform can build a great social responsibility campaign. As an agency, we have tried bringing in social issues to regular brand communication. On our part, we have associated ourselves with an NGO and work with them on their social media channels pro bono.

Need of the hour

Internet has been a free medium and that is exactly how it should be. Having said that, basic guidelines of brand communication of any other channel should be implemented such as protecting the minors, regulating content to protect the fabric of the society and national security, regulating content that is inappropriate for any other medium etc.

We learned the hard way

Being a small agency is not easy. And a small agency handling a big account is very very difficult. More so when at times even the big brands do not understand the level of integration that can be brought in to campaigns and you need to persist to sell the idea.

Did we just share that?

There is no shortage of funny things that happen when interacting with clients who are new to social media. One such example is of a prospective client who was briefing us about their work and this is how it went: “We are professional shoppers for people and we would like to create a Facebook page that will let people know who were and what we do, that is, shop for others.” Till date we have not been able to crack this brief!

They work with us

Gc Watches, Havaianas, Mustang Socks, Smartblu, Lokusdesign

Industry as we foresee it

India has only seen the tip of social media right now. Using social channels such as Twitter for live customer service engagement by airlines so that they won’t miss their fight has not even been conceived as of now. And that is where the industry will head and should head.

A day without the Internet

Is like a big city road with no traffic lights. Chaotic and confusing. Having said that, a day without the internet can be well planned to engage differently. This is important so as to reduce the dependency everyone is falling back on.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are always looking for fresh talent who can add more insights to our organization.