Social Media Campaign Review : Fame Box Webchef contest

Famebox WebChef

Using multiple digital media platforms, FameBox, a multi-channel talent platform, has announced the launch of India’s first web-based talent hunt for the best amateur chef. The online reality show will be hosted by columnist Vir Sanghvi.


To promote an online cooking contest using multiple social media tools.


famebox chef

To participate in the program, the contestants can upload a short video of them cooking a complete dish before 15 January in two simple steps on the campaign’s homepage – It is also using its Facebook and Twitter pages extensively to promote the contest among aspiring chefs and youngsters.

Fame Box

 The contest goes beyond the sense of competition to make the winner an online star. Famebox has initiated an online hunt to search India’s best web chef and claims that this will make them a web star. The winner will walk away with the prize of Rs 1 lac.


The campaign appears to be targeting a highly specialized group of people who are exploring social media platform to showcase their skills.

It seems to have received a decent response from various age groups and both sexes, both qualitatively and quantitatively. The shortlisted video entries on its homepage and YouTube channels are attention-grabbing.

Chicken Tikka


I did not come across areas that needed improvement.


Fame Box has conducted successful online contests around cricket, lifestyle and of course, food in the past. The concept of conducting online reality shows, through the use of video messages, appears as real as TV reality show formats and is a sort of unique initiative.