Social Media Campaign Review: HDFC Bank launches Where Do You Belong Application, Creating An Interactive Timeline Experience on Facebook


HDFC bank is known for making commendable use of social media. Instead of just being a digital megaphone and only marketing the products, it is engaging in conversations across multiple platforms and has built a community already. Here, we review the recent campaign with Diners Club International – “Where I Belong”


The objective of the campaign is clear, to generate leads for the HDFC Diners Club International Credit Card by showing the users a glimpse of their thrilling future ahead.


The Facebook page has created an application “Where I Belong”, which gives users a sneak peek into a future full of amazing travel experiences and is aimed at showing them where they ‘belong’.



The app begins by soliciting answers from the users to a set of questions related to their preferences.


Based on the options selected, users are presented with a futuristic version of their own timeline which goes all the way from 2014 to 2018, replete with pictures and videos of exciting travel experiences shared.


The posts are customized well enough with likes and comments by the user’s friends.

The app succeeds in taking the user through a captivating journey into the future and is complete with a link to the website for lead generation.



The application is fan gated, though there is a transparent image giving you an overview of what is in store. This is intelligent mainly because users are tempted to like the page.

The campaign has made use of the timeline feature of Facebook very well . Since the HDFC Diners Club International Credit Card offers special privileges for travelers, the theme has been integrated in an excellent way in the campaign. Customization of content, both in terms of the user’s preferences and realistic comments on the posts make the journey more believable for the user. For lead generation, a link to the website remains constant at the top as one scrolls through the timeline. Since this is an interactive campaign, it will receive good response from the users.

The branding too has been done smartly by placing the diners club card within images on the timelines.

Scope For Improvement:

While the entire campaign has been packaged in an interesting way, the journey seems a tad tiring. The timeline goes all the way from 2014 to 2018, finally showing up the option for users to share the journey with their friends. There is not much buzz about the campaign online yet and hence how many leads will be generated is questionable.


The “Where I Belong” campaign has been wonderfully planned and packaged. However, it could have been executed in a better way with a timeline that is realistically engaging – neither too long nor too short, but within a potentially achievable time frame. Also, more buzz around the campaign could have aided the generation of leads, which might be the primary objective. Meanwhile, it is simply fantastic to engage with their content.