Social Media Campaign Review : How Infosys Engaged Its Community with Greet-A-Thon 2013


As an IT major Infosys has been at the front line of engaging employees and audiences with social media. With Christmas Cheer in the air, this December they launched an endeavor called “Greet-a-Thon 2013”. Here is a look at this campaign.

infosys greet a thon 2013

Objectives :

Clearly the idea with the Greet-A-Thon 2013 is to engage with audiences using the concept of virtual gifts. Riding high on the festive season when gifts are the order of the day, Infosys seeks to position itself in the spotlight without trying too hard.

infosys 2

Implementation :

Hosted on a dedicated Facebook app, Greet-A-Thon 2013 lets you take a pick of an array of virtual gifts. The idea is to send a sleigh full of all the Christmassy stuff on offer or take your pick and load them on to Santa’s sleigh. Next up, pick a greeting out of the 3 lines drafted for you and click on your friends to send them a bag full of goodies. They can also send their choice of goodies back to you. It is really that simple.

Positives :

The campaign is innovative and in line with the spirit of caring and sharing that is in the air this time of the year. It offers fans and audiences the option to greet family and friends in a unique manner. Better than a virtual greeting card.

It was well promoted on the Facebook page a few days before and after Christmas.

The touch of virality is there with the chances that people you greet using this app will replicate your actions and send you virtual gifts. They might also use the app to send greetings to other people they know. With 411K likes the potential of this campaign going viral during the festive season was high.

infosys 3

Scope for Improvement :

The campaign lacks adequate buzz on social media.  The only promotion I came across was on its Facebook page. Its Twitter profile has no mention of its endeavor. Considering that it has 68000 plus followers on Twitter, it could have promoted the endeavour there. Apart from lack of online integration across social media newtorks, perhaps the only thing I would add is an offline edge.

Conclusion :

The Greet-A-Thon 2013 is a simple, sweet campaign that lets you greet people in a refreshing manner. It is an interesting change in regular updates, trivia and training tips that the company usually has for new recruits along with showcasing their work culture on their Fan page.


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