Social Media Campaign Review : Zee Studio Asks Twitter People To Vote For Their Favorite Flick via #TweetUrFlick


We have earlier seen Movie Channels using channels like SMS or their own website for viewers to vote for a movie which they would like to watch on TV. Zee Studio took it a step further as it asked its twitter fans, which movie they would like to watch, the choices being “The Men Who Stare at Goats” and “Goal II”.


Zee Studio On twitterThe idea of #TweetUrFlick was to get the Social Media Platform abuzz with tweeples battling it out for the movie of their choice.


Prior to #TweetUrFlick , a 3 day teaser activity with the hashtag #TwitterElectionsComingSoon was carried out to get people on twitter curious and to watch out for the 1st of January when the power to vote would be theirs.

On 1st January, an announcement was made revealing #TweetUrFlick and the movies that the users could choose from. From the 1st of January to the 8th, viewers were given 8 days to vote for the movie of their choice. Daily activities were carried out to build teams for both the movies.

Interesting content was shared all through these days to keep the fans engaged, be it “George Clooney” vs “David Beckham” or “Movie Triva”.

Zee Studio on Twitter

Spreading the Word

Zee Studio did not restrict their campaign only to twitter but made sure that word spread to their fans through all the mediums. The campaign was supported by on air promos which guided viewers to go and tweet for their choice, emailers and daily social media updates were also done to keep the viewer informed across all media.

On Facebook

Zee Studio on FB On TV

Zee studio on TV On YouTube


After over 1500 votes within a span of 8 days, Goal was declared as the choice of the majority of voters.

Zee studio on twitter The Winning movie “Goal 2” was aired on the channel on Saturday, 11th January at 8.30 pm. The campaign was also lauded by @TwitterIndia in their tweet .

Going Forward

After the first successful #TweetUrFlick, Zee Studio also carried out the next #TweetUrFlick. The next battle for #TweetUrFlick was between two horror movies “The Haunting in Connecticut” and “Drag Me To Hell” which commenced from the 18th of January, 2014. Users have liked  ‘The Haunting In Connecticut” the most and it will be aired on Zee Studio!

Zee studio #Urflick campaign


Not only is the campaign unique but it gives multiple benefits to the brand. On one hand, they benefit by interacting with their fans on social media and involving them in an engaging activity, while on the other they also garner more viewership for their movie through the campaign. Moreover, their TV audience is encouraged to vote for their favourite movie throughTtwitter and hence expand their fan base on social media. With this activity, they are also trying to understand their audience’s preferences.

Scope of Improvement

The campaign for a single movie ran for eight days, and it was observed that the interest of the people declined with time. “Short and sweet” should be their motto in future.


Overall, it is a well integrated, nicely executed campaign that may help the brand in increasing their TRP ratings.