Social Media Case Study: How Fiama Di Wills Launched Its Signature Series Designed By Wendell Rodricks

Social Media Case Study How Fiama Di Wills Launched Its Signature ...

Brand name :

Fiama Di Wills

Agency Name :

Interactive Avenues

Objectives :

  •  To build up on Fiama’s inspiration to launch a Gel Bathing Bar with the goodness of Gold exclusively designed by Wendell Rodricks.
  •  Establish Fiama’s Signature Style by building up on #MySignatureStyle & driving conversations around topics like Fashion, Glamour & Wendell Rodricks.

Execution :

The campaign was divided into 3 phases beginning with the pre-launch phase where the key elements of the Signature Series were introduced. Further buzz was generated by amplifying the launch at the Wills India Fashion Week.

Results :

#MySignatureStyle – generated over 6000+ mentions across social platforms.

The hashtag #MySignatureStyle, trended on all 4 days of the campaign in India with 63% of women participating.