Social Media Case Study: How Mustang Socks Launched its First Crowdsourced Campaign


Brand Name:

Mustang Socks and Accessories

 Agency Name:

Ourbit Marketing and Communications

Objective :

The core business objective of this campaign was to initiate conversations and idenitfy the tastes of the consumers and audiences. They had earlier launched an “Aamchi Mumbai” collection which had illustrations of popular monuments of the city on it and it was well accepted. Therefore, to extend the popularity of Mustang Socks in other cities, the brand decided to launch “Saddi Dilli” range. With this campaign, they attempted to popularize the monument that would be identified with the brand and also to make it a teaser for the introduction of the product line, thereby building curiosity in the consumers.

Social Media Objectives

The social media objective was to engage audience on the Mustang Socks’s page and make them part of the “First Crowd Sourced Socks” Campaign. Also, in a broader context, they wanted to send out the message of “Voting” through this campaign.

Campaign Idea, Challenges if any

The idea for the campaign came from the fact that New Delhi was heading for the assembly polls in December. There was enough buzz regarding the elections and it was the right time to drive the message about voting before the general elections in 2014. The only challenge faced was keeping the people from other cities interested and to initiate their participation in the campaign.

Execution :

The campaign was executed in two phases. The first phase was a simple post asking people about their choice of monuments for representing the city of New Delhi. Based on the response to the post, 5 monuments were selected, namely India Gate, Jantar Mantar, Delhi Metro, Qutub Minar and Barah Murti.


Delhi Jn

Delhi Post

Mustang Socks

The second phase was the creation of a simple voting tab application. The five selected monuments were placed for voting on the tab, where fans had to simply select their choice and vote, much like the actual voting system. This phase witnessed a tough competition between the two candidates, India Gate and Jantar Mantar but half way through the campaign, India Gate shot ahead. So much so that at one point of time, it received as much as 51% of the entire votes polled.

The campaign was sustained with daily post updates, which were drawn from the news concerning the New Delhi assembly polls. The importance of exercising our voting rights was promoted throughout the campaign.

Tab for Mustang Socks

Tab of Mustang SocksHow did it help the brand?

The brand has been able to create enough buzz and awareness regarding their upcoming collection. They also got to interact with the audience and identify their expectations from the brand. This campaign created an excitement about the “Saddi Dilli” range and people were eager to know about the future initiatives and collections. Also, the brand was successfully able to create the “First Crowd Sourced” socks in India. The product will be put in production and launched soon in the market.


Within a span of 13 days, “Saddi Dilli” campaign garnered over 400 votes, representing an engagement level of above 30% of the total number of people on the page. It also increased the brand’s fan base by 200 people.