Social Media Case Study : How Wooplr Takes the Secret Santa Tradition Online


Brand Name :

Wooplr Technologies Pvt. Ltd.


Objectives :

  • The Secret Santa tradition being quite common at offices, was brought online by Wooplr.
  •  It enabled people to send a gift to someone miles away (not limited to colleagues & family) with just the click of the mouse.
  •  And in the process, receive a gift from someone either known or unknown (Facebook social graph data was used to draw names where possible & replaced with the traditional chit system).

Execution :


  • Campaign kicked off on 20th December, 2013
  • Venue- Green Haat flea market (at EGL Business Park, Bangalore)
  • Stall cum photo booth to capture the techie crowd
  • Large audience with credit card, disposable income and access to the internet
  • Registrations & gifts chosen on the spot
  • Social media, email, blog & direct marketing channels

Results :


After a participant sent a gift, an email was sent asking him/her to share the link on his/her social media profile(s) to increase the chances of receiving a gift from friends and family.

The recipient was also immediately intimated and asked to return the favour .Tweets were sent to people who mentioned #gifts, #SecretSanta and other related keywords with the Secret Santa link.

  • Number of Gift Shipped – 215 ( 3 days )
  • Rise in Traffic – 67%
  • Online Impression – ~ 88,000 (5 days )