[Workshop] Social Media Training For Real Estate Industry By Buzzooka Infomedia

The workshop of 2014 is to be held on 25th January – focus on people from the Real Estate industry and how they can leverage the untamed power of Social Media to help them grow their business.

buzzooka social media workshop

Workshop Overview

You might have noticed that the term ‘Social Media Workshop’ has suddenly taken the business world by storm. No matter which direction you turn your face toward; your ears just cannot seem to get rid of the new-age terms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn etc. And some of you might wonder if they are really as promising as they seem to be?

The answer is: Yes, if you know how to use them to your benefit, they can turn your fortune around!

  • Help each business professional know the right platform to explore.
  • Help attendees know the strength and limitation of Facebook.
  • Educate attendees on the unexplored platform of Twitter – which is still catching up in India.
  • Educating students to use LinkedIn in an appropriate way to extract the most out of it.
  • Helping companies know the potential of YouTube in running campaigns… and much more!

 Date: January 25, 2014

Location: Delhi

Venue: Solitaire, Crowne Plaza RohiniNew  Delhi 110085

Fee: Rs. 10,000/- + taxes

How to Register?

You can register online or contact Ms. Ramneek Khanna, +91 011-2705000

Or Tripta Arora, +91 8506083801

About Buzzooka Infomedia

logoBuzzooka InfoMedia – A Delhi based digital media agency is all set to organize yet another workshop. Eyeing the demand to train individual entities based upon the industry, Buzzooka has planned an extensive training classifying the current year for various manufactories.