Social Media Agency Feature : AdGlobal360 – A 360 Degree Digital Marketing Agency

adglobal 360

Who are we?

We are a data-driven digital marketing firm serving more than 600 global clients in diverse business verticals like Financial Services, Real Estate, Retail, Education, and others. We specialize in extensive digital marketing services with a focus on a scientific result-driven creative approach that employs innovation and marketing to showcase products or services for leading brands.

We kick-started our operations in 2009 and now have 5 centers across the world, with over 270 employees. Our expertise lies across disciplines like high-performing landing pages, Google business listing, running PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns, SEO (search engine optimization), SMO (social media optimization), Email Marketing, Online Reputation Management etc. that helps brands enhance online engagement, boost campaign participation and decrease media spends.

Adglobal360 Employees

We also offer eBuX, which is an online channel analytics platform, as one of our flagship brand solutions.

What’s in the name?

adglobal 360

When we started out we perceived ourselves as a global agency that served as a one point stop for 360 degree digital marketing needs of brands/ businesses and individuals. That’s how our name came about!

What we do?

Today’s consumer is always on a lookout for more and more options without having to visit stores. He is digitally connected and has turned more technology savvy than ever. So, in order to reach out to that large smart tech savvy consumer segment, we help brands optimize their digital marketing performance.

Being scalable & stable, and built on machine learning algorithms & robust technology, our brand solution eBuX helps brands with data points such as on-site discoverability and share of search across marketplaces of Amazon, Flipkart, Paytm, Grofers, Big Basket etc. eBuX Analytics is constantly attuned to the evolving dynamics of the online shopping eCommerce revolution, delivering e-commerce insights and online store audits to manufacturers around the world. It helps the brand know its stock hygiene, e-ORM, promotions planning, brand page score on the digital shelf, on-site visibility in its category and content quality score across platforms.

Why we do it?

We started when the scenario of digital marketing in India was at an initial stage. Everyone who claimed to know digital marketing was relying on the hit and trial method to obtain results. What helped us carve our embryonic niche was not just our curiosity to scrutinize different methods of marketing in the digital world but our understanding of Indian market and anticipation of our audience’s reaction to our distinctive approaches.

9 years down the line, today, we are still doing it for the same reason. To innovate what doesn’t exist yet and to enhance our understandings of various markets of present as well as future.

How we evolve?

Innovation is the most important aspect of our field of work and is a key growth factor. That is where we fit in, by bringing innovative ideas and strategies to the table. Moreover, it is important to be in touch with the consumer’s pulse because that always shows us the way forward.

Social responsibility in social media

To be true, it’s very simple. One simply needs to stick to the ethics and realise the fact that the audience we are catering to is a mix and match of diversified interests. We have our own filters and funnels through which the content travels before being communicated to the audience out there. The sole purpose of these filters is to assure that the message being conveyed doesn’t hurt or vilifies the sentiments of any person or community.

Need of the hour

As an entity that operates in the sphere of social media, we believe that the process filtering out the right and wrong news must be thoroughly monitored. Social Media is a content driven vertical, the prevalent fads and information set-up the mood of whole atmosphere. Like any other user of social media, we believe that the first step towards its refinement must go through a proof checking funnel. It’s also our mutual responsibility to not promote the content of topics which do not exhibit legitimacy and confirm the news or fact before proliferating it amongst masses.

We learned the hard way


Well, there are few things which have worked out very well for us:

  1. Believe in your ideas. If you don’t, no one else ever will.
  2. Take your every pitch as your first pitch. Maintain the same enthusiasm.
  3. Do not hesitate to experiment. At most, you will fail but the amount of learnings that follow the failures are priceless.
  4. Try to be the torch bearer for the client. Your client is someone who has ventured out with you believing that you know the routes and lanes in the digital world. Lead him!

Did we just share that?

Such experiences are countless and they are a regular part of this life.

Your clients

Maruti Suzuki, European Union, Bureau of Indian Standards, Rajasthan Tourism, Jabong, VLCC, Nestle, Coca Cola,, Mars, Rajasthan Tourism, Moglix, Nexa, among others.

Industry as we foresee it

The number of people active on social media these days is growing by the minute.

Increased mobile web penetration is a key contributor to this increased growth in social media usage and this trend is likely to continue in the coming years.

Brands can benefit a lot by leveraging this growing trend. Every brand needs to create a presence on all the available portals, social media being a major player here. Majority of their target audience is present here, hence social media needs the most amount of attention. Brands should explore the best possible ways in which they can leverage these platforms in order to boost their engagement and increase their client base as well. The on-going surge in the number of social media users, makes social media platforms the best option for brands to connect with their target audience and expand their businesses.

 A day without the Internet

A day without the internet would be like being underwater without our oxygen tanks or in a space without a space suit. We all exist but it’s true that internet, in a way, is keeping us alive!

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are! We have vacancies across various positions and are on the lookout for bright people who are willing to push their limits and have some ‘serious’ fun with us. Wondering what that means? You’ll surely know in case you get a call from our HR team. So send us your resume at [email protected]!