Social Media Agency Feature: Six Inch Nails Web – A Digital Marketing Agency

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Who are we?

“Digital Marketing Aficionados”– Three words that describe each and every individual that works with us. We don’t talk about social media being the future of marketing – we believe that it’s the present, and anybody not doing it has already fallen behind. We don’t just look at social media as the bazooka in every company’s marketing arsenal, but also as one of the most fascinating shifts to occur since the industrial revolution. We are not corporate drones that sit for hours pondering over how to get that new client, but how to deliver maximum value for that existing brand that believes in us.

Six Inch Nail Team

Six Inch Nails Web is a part of Six Inch Nails Enterprises LLP, a brand that started out as one of the premier names in heavy metal in India, and is currently on its way to becoming a multinational creative powerhouse based in 2 countries and running 3 profitable ventures.

What’s in the name?

The Six Inch Nails brand first came into existence in 2009, when the founder, one of the youngest CEOs in the world, launched one of India’s premier heavy metal record labels. It’s what sets us apart as an agency – from the clichéd agency names ending in ‘Communications’, ‘Interactive’, ‘Infotech’, ‘Consulting’ and more, we chose to stick to what we started as. Today, Six Inch Nails Enterprises LLP not only consists of Six Inch Nails Web, but also Records and Fightwear.

six inch nail logo

What we do?

We take care of nearly everything when it comes to branding businesses, like rockstars, online – social media strategy and management, media buying, mobile marketing, search engine optimization, and a little bit of web development too!

Why we do it?

Why do we do it? Because we love it! Six Inch Nails Group is known for building businesses around things we are passionate about, digital marketing being one of them. We noticed that there are dozens of agencies out there, but most of them are not really doing it right. We fuel our campaigns with creativity whilst keeping ROI in mind. That’s what we work for, because that’s what brings smiles to the faces of more than 45 brands from across 4 continents who have worked with Six Inch Nails Web so far.

How we evolve?

We are constantly analyzing new trends in the industry, and researching the best way to deliver results to our clients. We started off as a small SEO agency taking on small businesses and ranking them on the first page – today, we are capable of providing customized digital solutions for our clients, whether it is developing a cool mobile app, or marketing it effectively! Change is great, and we embrace it with open arms.

Social responsibility in social media

Our clients are not only aware but have complete faith that every single copy we write written, every creative we design, and every marketing message that we send out, is the true voice of the brand, because we understand that every fan or follower out there is a brand ambassador.

Need of the hour

More focus on quality rather than quantity. Social Media is not only investing hundreds of thousands in advertising a page with no content – it is better to have a few thousand people that are strongly connected to the brand than have millions who never interact.

Brands have now started understanding the power of social media, but, some of them fail to do it right – and this is where we come in.

We learned the hard way

We weren’t born marketing specialists, however, we had the passion and the drive to constantly learn and never stop. Starting as a small SEO agency to growing into a multinational digital marketing company was not easy – but our passion for the trade kept us going!

Did we just share that?

It is amusing and fortunate at the same time that we’ve got nothing to say here!

They work with us

We have worked with some mind-blowing people and are extremely thankful to them for having believed in us, and here are a few of them who we don’t have NDAs with!

  • ReloMontreal Inc.
  • ALG Financial LLC
  • Vivacious in Vogue
  • SPEED Mobile
  • MMA Conditioning Association

amongst others.

The Industry as we foresee

Having offices in 2 countries, and clients from 4 different continents, we can confidently say that India has given us one of the most forward, and knowledgeable clientele. Indians know their social media and we love it that way! I foresee the industry here to grow by leaps and bounds, because social media is not a fad, it’s here for good.

A day without Internet

A day without the Internet would be tough for some out there; however, we do not always need the web to ideate. We are constantly working, online or not.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We always are! Designers, managers, strategists, developers, optimizers, bulls and bears – drop us a line or ring one of us. We’d like to get to know you!