Social Media Campaign Review : Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash Takes The Bollywood Route To Kick Pimples Away

“Hum jahaan khade hote hain, line wahaan se shuru hoti hai”- I bet even people who haven’t watched Deewar can identify with this dialogue. After all, Bollywood captivates the minds of Indians just like cricket does. We are reviewing the ‘No Pimples, No Marks’ campaign by Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash which has made an attempt to leverage on the Bollywood frenzy that exists, and to thereby engage users.


GrandPimple by Garnier Pure Active

The objective of this campaign is to reach out to the core target audience and build brand awareness in an innovative, engaging and effective way.


Garnier Campain review

This campaign has been executed and cross promoted on multiple social media platforms, namely Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


The campaign was launched with a series of movie posters being postedon Facebook, conveying how Bollywood has been troubled by pimples. The posters included movies like Rowdy Pimple, Grand Pimple, I Hate Pimple Storys, to name a few, which garnered curiosity amongst the users for the final revelation.

garnier Pure active campaign review

These posters were followed by illustrated comic strips with iconic characters ranting about their pimples and Alia Bhatt, the brand ambassador, rescuing them with the Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash.

Teja Garnier Pure active campaign review

Apart from comic strips, regular posts which solicit some kind of response from the users are being posted to maintain engagement on the page.


YouTube is an essential platform that is being utilized for the campaign. ‘Lights.Camera.Garnier Pure Active’, a series of animated videos depicting popular scenes from blockbuster movies have been uploaded on YouTube. However, the characters’ dialogues have been suitably modified to sound like a rant about pimples, with Alia Bhatt stepping in to the scene as a savior.

The first video depicting the famous ‘Kitne Aadmi The?’ scene from ‘Sholay’ has so far crossed 5,56,589 cumulative views, and a cumulative reach of 4 million on Facebook and YouTube, along with 14,65,097 YouTube impressions.

The second video, which depicts the climax of the iconic Bollywood story of Raj and Simran from Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge has so far received 6,22,098 cumulative views and has also garnered over 13,41,473 YouTube impressions.

The third and fourth video of the series, one depicting Aamir Khan and Rani Mukherjee in the song ‘Ae kya bolti tu’ and the other recreating the classic Amitabh Bachchan and Shashi Kapoor conversation in ‘Deewar’, are now garnering rave reviews and ‘likes’ on YouTube.


On Twitter, apart from tweeting movie posters and comic strips akin to the posts on Facebook, contests have been conducted in line with the theme of the campaign, fueling conversations and increased interactions.

PureActivePremiere by Garneir

The second video of the‘Lights.Camera.Garnier Pure Active’ series was premiered at a Tweet Up, where tweeples present participated in fun activities and games devised for the campaign and tweeted using the hashtag #PureActivePremiere.

Unique conversations on Twitter with 2000+ followers of @PureActiveIndia have resulted in various trending topics such as #IfIWasGabbar (India No.3), #PureActivePremiere (India No. 3), #ReplaceMovieNamesWithPureActive (India No.1).

Apart from regular contests being run, both Facebook and Twitter are being used for answering customer queries as well, contributing to the objective of an informative and effective campaign. The campaign reach has shot up by 1500%.


For a skin care product, the concept is not just fresh and innovative but something that connects extremely well with the target audience. You can seldom go wrong with Bollywood, and this campaign has surely got it right. In this movie by Garnier, the brand is definitely the hero and steals the show. Right from the movie posters to the comic strips and videos, the situations and dialogues have been adapted well enough to highlight Garnier Pure Active Neem Face Wash as the solution.

Even in the creative department, realistic illustrations have played an essential part in attracting the attention of users on social media and the zingy dialogues and catchphrases modified into pimple-related rants only added to the fun quotient along with product information.

Another positive aspect is that while most of the posts and activities are Bollywood based, the conversations are purely related to the product, making sure that the primary objective is met.

Scope For Improvement

Considering the main theme of the campaign, had the style of conversation been a tad quirky, it might have created a better impact on the audience and definitely added to the entertainment quotient of the campaign.


The campaign has definitely been able to fulfill the objective of reaching out to its target audience and creating brand awareness. Not just well packaged with filmy illustrations but well executed with interactive posts, animated videos, tweet ups and contests, the campaign manages to create enough buzz and engage the audience as well. However, the innovation in this campaign could have been taken a notch up, with quirky conversations in times when most brands resort to premeditated responses.