Social Media Campaign Review : Philips India Enthrals Twitter by Showcasing #MumbaiInANewLight

Ankur Kulshrestha
Feb 11, 2014 05:52 IST
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Philips India Limited which is a subsidy of Royal Philips of Netherlands announced a campaign on 16th January 2014 in the name of “Mumbai in a new light”. The campaign was launched in partnership with Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation (MTDC). Philips announced that they would give a “lighting” make over to Mumbai city’s iconic monument - the Gateway of India on 24th January.


Lighting up The Gateway of India in different hues was Philips India's way of letting people know about their LED-lighting systems.


Philips made use of social media as a medium to promote their campaign. The campaign involved a teaser which was launched on Twitter on 16th January along with Twitter hashtag, #MumbaiInANewLight. The campaign also included a micro-site which allowed the audience to engage via three social media channels –Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


You could click interesting pictures of the Gateway lights and share it on Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MumbaiInANewLight or you could share your plan on how you would enjoy the new lights at the Gateway and you could even use the app launched by them and light up Gateway in your own way and get maximum likes and shares to win prizes. The micro-site included Tweets and images uploaded by the audience present at the day when the Gateway of India was lit on 24th January 2014, couple of days prior to the Republic Day of India.

The Gateway of India was lit in the tri-color of our national flag giving it a patriotic angle on the eve of Republic Day. As the Gateway of India is a structure of great historical importance to the city of Mumbai the concept of lightning it worked in favor of Philips as a brand. One of the important highlights of the event was the launch of a rock-band named Moksha which was world’s first Marathi rock-band. This attracted lot eyeballs and had its presence felt on Twitter.


The whole look of the micro-site was in-sync with the brands personality which is very vibrant and colorful.

The Twitter hashtag was launched 8 days prior to the actual event at the Gateway of India which helped them to build-up the hype around the event.

Mumbai In a New Light Tweets

As the event was very colorful, vibrant and had a patriotic angle to it, the audience connected with the idea extremely well and the same was depicted in the images shared on Twitter and Facebook.

The night on which the Marathi band “Moksha” was launched the hashtag #MumbaiInANewLight received maximum tweets which were around 370+ in number and the total number of tweets with respect to this particular hashtag was around 745 for the entire duration of the campaign.

Scope of improvement

The campaign had its impact mainly on Twitter, whereas the brand wasn’t able to completely leverage Facebook and YouTube. Leveraging them effectively might have amplified the impact.


A more integrated strategy would have benefited the brand more, having said that the audience connected very well with the campaign through twitter and the brand managed to create awareness amongst the masses. A well ideated campaign that deserves applause.

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