Social Media Campaign Review: Naturals India Uses Curiosity Appeal to Create Buzz About #ThePurpleBox Campaign


Naturals is one of the largest and most affordable salon brands in India, that caters to a whole potpourri of people from different walks of life. Naturals flourished over the years to become a name synonymous with hair and beauty care in India. Naturals India created quite a lot of buzz with their first social media campaign this Christmas based on Santa getting a makeover #MynewSanta followed by Santa goes Natural #SantagoesNatural.

On January 28th 2014 11.30 am amidst political trends like #ArnabVsRahul, #RaGa, Rahul Gandhi, Modi,  #ThePurpleBox took twitterverse by surprise trending at No.2 in India. This signalled the launch of Naturals second social media campaign with a mystery surrounding #ThePurpleBox and contest promising loads of gifts, fun and surprises.


The Objectives of #ThePurpleBox campaign by Naturals India are very loud and clear. By utilizing the mystery and curiosity appeal surrounding #ThePurpleBox the brand intends to :

  • Create awareness, buzz and curiosity about #ThePurpleBox which is basically a pre cursor/build up to reveal something bigger and better.
  • Engage with tweeples, crowd source views, suggestions and content from citizens across the country enticing them with contests involving surprises, gifts and lots of fun.


Naturals India initiated the build up to reveal campaign by putting up teaser posts like


This was followed up a change in the cover picture on Twitter as well as Facebook Introducing #ThePurpleBox and asking people to help the brand in opening the box.


Twitter verse across the country were asked to join in the frenzy to play and win the contest which comprised of five questions and the answers to those questions had to be witty , wacky and out of the box. The Winner gets a purple box

purple Box Campaign The contest received a humongous response from tweeples and the answers to these questions were actually very interesting , creative and hilarious at times.

purple Box Campaign Execution

The outcome of the campaign as desired by@Naturals_India #ThePurpleBox was trending till late evening.

purple box Hashtags outcome

purple box hashtags


The timing for the campaign was spot on as twitter verse was bugged and irritated with all the political issues trending, the only element of fun for them was funny spoofs on all the main stream leaders amidst this political chaos #ThePurpleBox managed to bring in the elements of curiosity , real fun and surprises which was received heartily by the target audience.

The Twitter Campaign looks like a promising teaser, a build up to reveal something bigger and better which Naturals India has in store. The idea of having a mysterious box in the lines of Pandora box is brilliant and moulding it with the Brand’s identity and colors will definitely aid in strengthening the connect between Naturals and the color purple this in turn will increase brand recall.

Scope of Improvement

Although the campaign was successful , but the campaign could have had a better impact if a random mix of engagement tactics were employed rather than sticking to text response based questions. In their first campaign the brand had utilized video based questions as well so to tap on to the buzz some other interactive trivia could have been conducted.

As said #ThePurpleBox in itself is an exceptional idea it can traverse across other channels of digital media quite easily and effectively.

The campaign would have been far more effective if other social media channels were leveraged to the best of their capabilities. The Brand has a strong social media presence over facebook, youtube, google+ and pinterest efforts should be made to connect all these networks seamlessly for greater prospects.


Naturals #ThePurpleBox managed to meet the desired objectives of creating the aura of mystery, curiosity around the brand’s circles at the same time the engagement levels were also high. Overall, I would appreciate the campaign for the brilliant idea , flawless execution and the perfect timing. Let us all await the bigger and better announcement out of #ThePurpleBox from Naturals India.