Social Media Case Study: How Zepo Created Awareness About it's Service with #AamAadmi Contest

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Campaign Focus

The prime focus of the campaign was simple: to generate leads by making maximum number of brands become aware of Zepo and the benefits of starting an online store. For this purpose, the existing customer groups of quirky brands were targeted. The idea was to get loyal customers to encourage the brands to go online.

To accomplish this, a photo contest was planned. The #AamAadmi Contest required customers to tag their favorite brands on Facebook. One of these brands would end up winning a free online store subscription from Zepo!


  • Generate the maximum number of leads for Zepo.
  • Make the maximum number of brands aware of the benefits of selling online.
  • Increase the fan interaction on the Zepo Facebook page.
  • To create awareness about Zepo’s brand and service.


After much brain racking, here’s what we asked the Facebook junta to do:

aam admi Party

  • On the contest post, tag your favourite brand.
  • Zepo notifies the brand about the nomination.
  • The brand shares their entry and aims to get the maximum likes.
  • The most popular brand wins a free online store.
  • The shopper who tagged them wins vouchers worth Rs 5000 to shop with the winning brand!


The reception for the contest was overwhelming. Within hours of launching the contest, the post had scores of comments, likes and shares. Over the course of the 7 days that the contest was running, we received:

  • 56 brand nominations
  • 2327 likes on the nominations
  • A campaign reach of 227,840 people

The race for the top prize was a close one and owing to the great response we received, we added 2 more consolation prizes for the first and second runners up!

#Aam admi brand Contest

We learned a valuable lot about running a successful campaign on social media. For a campaign or contest to go viral, a low level entry barrier is a must. The participant shouldn’t have to put in too much effort to take part. Also, the shorter and crisper the contest rules are, the better is the response generated.

So, go ahead and come up with a whacky and innovative campaign for your own brand.

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