Social Media Case Study: How Clarks India Targeted Urban Youth on Twitter

Clarks India

Brand Name

Clarks India

Agency Name

Jade Magnet


  • Clarks India needed an out-of-the-box Twitter activation campaign. The campaign had to be organic as well as possess viral capabilities.
  • The campaign was to be directed at a target group consisting of the 20-35 year old urban youth, and Twitter as a platform lends itself beautifully to this busy lot.
  • For this campaign, it wouldn’t suffice to simply ask the audience to engage. The campaign needed to tickle their wit and challenge them at an intellectual level.


  • Pre-campaign buzz through Facebook, Twitter and Mailers.
  • Appropriate Hashtag was used to catch attention.
  • Participation was encouraged by building audience contact and personalized responses.
  • Winners were identified, the awards were announced and there was continued offline engagement.


In 5 hours the result was :

  • 281 Followers – 758 Brand Mentions
  • 1,765 Hashtag mentions – Top Trend for 6 hours
  • A Million Impressions – Incalculable Branding