Social Media Case Study: How Kokuyo Camlin Showcased it's Range of Products with a Crowd Sourced Video

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Feb 18, 2014 07:00 IST
New Update

Brand Name

Kokuyo Camlin

Agency Name

Bc Web Wise


To showcase the range of Camlin products and how they can be used to create beautiful works of art.

The Idea

Create a crowd sourced work of art to celebrate the Colours of India on Republic Day.


The entire video had to be planned and shot in 3 days!

Idea & Execution

Children are the future of the country. So, a bunch of street kids in Dharavi were given a selection of Camlin Art Products. They ran into the streets of Mumbai, approached all kinds of people and asked them to draw, colour or paint with the colours of the Indian National Flag- orange, white, green or blue, using Camlin Art Products. A camera followed them through their journey and captured every beautiful moment. The specially composed music track for the video captured the innocence and joy of the children of India.

Promotion of the Campaign on Social Media

A promoted post was donevia Facebook post to help increase the reach of the video. But the media budget was small so the traction gained was largely organic

How did it help the brand

The brand has recently entered the digital space and this video helped boost the visibility of the brand and the cause helped to create a positive association with Camlin.


Results on Facebook

  • Post Reach: 2,874,368
  • Post Likes: 1658
  • Post Shares: 74

Results on YouTube

Organic Video Views: 3223

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