Social Media Case Study: How Stanley Kane Engaged their Followers with the #Rebelinme Contest

stanley kane india

Brand Name

Stanley Kane

Agency Name

White Rivers Digital


  • To engage with the followers on Twitter and increase brand visibility
  • To generate interaction and excitement about Stanley Kane’s range of latest British fashion products
  • To promote the ongoing offer of flat 45% off and divert the traffic to the website 



  • Reach out to fashion lovers & followers in an attracting way
  • To get maximum participation from the followers and also increase the base of new followers
  • To get maximum exposure to the brand Stanley Kane



  • A series of 10 simple questions were asked related to the brand and fashion in general
  • The users had to reply with their preferred choice of option
  • Fans were asked to answer the questions with the hashtgas #StanleyKaneIndia and #Rebelinme
  • Questions related to Stanley Kane products were posted every 20 minutes
  • Encouraging and interactive tweets were posted in the interval gap between two questions



  • Awareness amongst the new followers about the brand and its products
  • Positive interaction from recent and existing followers
  • Enthusiasm amongst the users about the new store launch which also translated in building the user base with retweets
  • The number of followers increased from 85 to 257 within a span of 4 hours