[Video Walkthrough] How to Create Live Google Plus Hangouts On Air

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With Hangouts On Air, you can broadcast live discussions and performances to the world through your Google+ Home page and YouTube channel. You can also edit and share a copy of the broadcast.

Normal Google hangouts limit the users to 10 and allow only members to access it. You can go live in front of a global audience as a celebrity, politician, artist or a citizen. With a few clicks it will enable you to broadcast publicly, see how many viewers you have got and also record and re-share your broadcasts. Hangouts on air is easy to set up. You can click on "start broadcast" to begin the live streaming of your hangout.

In this video tutorial, we talk about how to broadcast yourself and your message before a global audience, friends and circle in the Google plus platform.

Once the broadcast is over, it’ll be posted to your YouTube channel as well as your Google+ homepage. From there you can edit it, and the edited version will be available to anyone you share it with.

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