Pat on the Back, a property of Volini , launched itself with an initiative to let users appreciate the special women in their lives by sending an appreciative ‘Pat on the Back’.

This Women’s Day, Volini has brought back its successful campaign of the previous year, “Volini Pat on the back”, to applaud the special women in our lives.


The main aim of the campaign is to engage with the users and make use of an opportunity like the International Women’s Day to increase the traffic.


Considering the nature of the product, there’s no direct way to seek promotion but by engaging users with soft stories that involve pain, success and gratitude. Volini did exactly this and encouraged consumers to step up and appreciate the women in their lives by thanking them and sharing their stories.

Users can do so by sending them a Volini pat on the back. They can use digital medium (Facebook or Microsite) or through the IVR by sending a SMS or by making a call on the toll-free number. The best messages will be gratified by sending a special gift to both the pat sender & the receiver.

volini pat on the back campaign volini facebook post

Not just Facebook, this year Volini came up wit a website dedicated to this campaign only.

volini facebook post

volini facebook post

Once the message is selected the user can mail his/her message with the personalized picture attached to add to the feeling.

volini facebook

Apart from messages, there is an option to send an e-card as well.

volini facebook post

This activity is promoted extensively across digital platforms and also supported through radio, print and television advertising. Besides, these on-ground activation are also being undertaken in key corporate hubs and malls to create buzz and to encourage people to participate in the event.


The brand carried forward from its previous “Gain with pain” campaign which kept users engaged and helped in building upon the traffic gained then.

The entire website dedicated for the cause was a plus one from the same campaign that was held last year.

The campaign was structured in such a way that people from all age groups could participate.

The Facebook page was active in responding to participants which kept them going.

volini facebook comments

 Scope for improvement

The main attraction, the website, didn’t show the messages that users sent across to their relatives or friends and the gallery option wasn’t appealing either.

The message and the picture don’t seem to justify each other.

volini Pat on back

The Twitter handle of the brand is outdated and hence failed to engage the users which limited the reach of the campaign.

volini twitter tweet

YouTube could have given a major boost to the entire campaign. Short videos or movies capturing the entire “Pat on the back” endeavor could have generated the possibility of making it viral (like videos by British Airways).

volini youtube


All in all, the entire campaign was successful but there is scope for improvement as it was carried on from last year and apart from the website, nothing much was added this year.

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