Social Media Case Study: How Aamby Valley Increased it's Facebook Community by 400%

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Aamby Valley Glitterati

The Brand

Aamby Valley City

Agency Name


The Challenge

Our primary challenge while conducting the campaign for Aamby Valley City was to generate a buzz, connect with Honey Singh's fan base and stand out as a luxury market when there were several ongoing campaigns and contests on social platforms at the same time.

 Insights & Ideas

Gliteratti is Aamby Valley City’s annual function that adds a new feather to their cap every year with regard to their execution. At Gliteratti 2014, the New Year magic unfolded when singer cum rapper Honey Singh took the stage along with DJ Shireen and singer Shruti Pathak. The big idea was to connect with the humongous fan base that Honey Singh enjoys and get them to talk about their favorite artist while generating leads for the New Years' event for the Brand.


They gave Honey Singh's fans a chance to meet the artist at Gliteratti in Aamby Valley City. They ran two campaigns simultaneously on Twitter, the winners of which were given free passes for the event. While using the hashtag #HoneySinghAtAamby they asked people to tweet to us @aamby_valley with :

Contest 1 

They asked people to come up with the most creative compliment they'd like to give to Yo! Yo! Honey Singh and to tweet it if they wanted a chance to meet him in person.

Contest 2 

They asked for quirky replies around something that users never want to change about themselves and submit their NON-RESOLUTION for 2014. The most creative entries were recorded and 5 winners were given Couple Entry passes.

They strategically located influencers who were fans of Honey Singh and got them talking to us, giving the campaign a lot of traction and a lot of people talking about it.

Aambey Valley Twitter tweet

Expanding the campaign on Facebook while giving something tangible to the audience:

They took the whole experience a step further by expanding the campaign on Facebook and giving the participants something tangible. Downloadable pictures with their names next to that of Honey Singh were created which could be used as a cover picture or be shared with friends. This made sure that the brand lived on and the event created a massive buzz via the users' profiles.

Aambey Valley (Honey Singh ) 2

The result

They successfully generated massive buzz and created a number of leads across Facebook as well as Twitter. Our followers and fans tweeted endlessly for days about the campaign and the event.

  • Our influence and engagement increased significantly to 93% and 90% respectively. Within just 10 days we received over 1,800 tweets and had an unprecedented reach of 1.09 million timelines on Twitter!
  • On Facebook, compared to our average weekly performance, our page post reach increased by almost 190% and the number of daily engaged users increased by 200% to 7,667 users a day! Almost 21,000 stories were created about the event and 5,50,000 people were reached on Facebook over the duration of the campaign.

Glitterati Campaign


The winners shared their response online :

Aambey Valley Twitter tweet Aambey Valley Twitter tweet Aambey Valley Twitter tweet


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