Social Media Case Study : How Bingo’s #CraziestPlacesToEat Campaign Generated Over 300% Reach


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Bingo hit 5 million engaged fans on Facebook, who liked, commented and shared their content. The brand wanted to celebrate them by turning the tables for once and creating content on demand, via a Response Campaign.


The interactive campaign engaged fans by inviting them to share the #CraziestPlacesToEatBingo that they could imagine and gratified interesting requests by putting together a series of illustrations.

Bingo #CraziestPlacesToEat Campaign on FB

This was followed up by a Twitter campaign that trended all over India. Interesting entries were responded to with live illustrations throughout the day.

Bingo #CraziestPlacesToEat Campaign

Bingo #CraziestPlacesToEat Campaign

Bingo #CraziestPlacesToEat Campaign  on Twitter

Bingo #CraziestPlacesToEat Campaign  on Twitter


  • Total reach of Posts on Facebook – 4,302,968 (Total Reach during Activity increased by around 300%)
  • Over 23,000 Interactions on the page (including Likes, Comments, Shares)

Twitter: 1 day activity #CraziestPlacesToEatBingo:

  • 562 Mentions – Trended in India, Trended for 24hrs in Mumbai
  • Total Tweets (including Retweets)– 819
  • Total Reach – 456,878