Brand Name

Malabar Gold and Diamonds


“Incredible Women” aims to celebrate the contribution of women in our society. It provided a platform for recognizing and acknowledging their efforts.

This was not an incentive-based campaign. They just provided a platform for our audience to share the stories of incredible women in their lives.

Campaign Objectives

  • To acknowledge the contribution of women in our society
  • To bring relevant and user-generated content for celebrating International Women’s Day on our blog


The idea was very simple and inviting – Participants were asked to go the landing page and just submit their stories.

Step 1

The campaign was kick-started with the help of a Facebook Sponsored Post, along with tweets, sent from the twitter handle.

Malabar Gold and Diamonds announcement post

Step 2

To increase the participation, user stories were shared on the Facebook Page in order to acknowledge their support;

Malabar gold & Diamonds Story Malabar gold & Diamonds Story


  • No. of stories shared – 49
  • Impressions – 261,445
  • No. of unique people reached – 227,456

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