Social Media Case Study: Showcasing Women Empowerment Through #ShesEmpowered

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#ShesEmpowered Camapign

Executed by

Nokia India & Moxie Media


Moxie Media, in partnership with Nokia India, created the unique #ShesEmpowered Twitter contest, which encouraged fans and followers to submit images showcasing women's empowerment through their eyes for a chance to win one of two Nokia Lumia 1520s.

The contest was online from February 11- 14, 2014 and two winners were announced on February 17.

Campaign Objective

  • To showcase women’s empowerment through the eyes of Indians across the country.
  • To elevate a giveaway contest by instilling deeper thought and inculcate meaningful discussions among both men and women in India.
  • To promote the purpose behind Moxie Media’s partnership with Nokia India for Social Media Week Bangalore.


The 4 day #ShesEmpowered Twitter contest received phenomenal response as images poured in from men and women around the country. Applicants were asked to tag @NokiaIndia and @moxieinsider, as well as use the unique hashtag #ShesEmpowered in their tweets.

Participants not only sent in images for the contest but also engaged in discussions about the importance of women’s empowerment in the country.

The campaign helped promote both of Moxie Media's events with partner Nokia India at Social Media Week Bangalore: a special screening of the documentary Girl Rising (also a global campaign for girls’ education and empowerment) and the Women in Media panel, at which influential industry leaders created a dialogue about the use of social and digital media in effecting social change in India.

#ShesEmpowered Camapign

#ShesEmpowered Submissions

#ShesEmpowered Tweet 2 #ShesEmpowered Tweet 1

The contest was designed on the basis of Moxie Media and Nokia India's shared vision to further women’s education and empowerment in India. Winners were picked on the basis of the quality of their entries, and it was the unique idea behind the thoughtfulness and vision in each submission, making the contest memorable.

Moxie Media amplified the campaign by cross-promoting it on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and their blog Moxie Insider. The campaign was also promoted on Nokia India’s social media platforms, which included their Facebook and Twitter accounts, as well as Nokia Conversations – Nokia International’s blog.


  • 96,232 people reached
  • 82.4K impressions
  • Over 100 entries
  • Strong association with the partner brand
  • 360 digital presence

From a female traffic inspector working shoulder-to-shoulder with men to young girls exercising their right to education and a brighter future, images from the #ShesEmpowered contest leave no doubt that the #futureisfemale.

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