Social Media Platform Feature: Hammer – A Medium to Share Ideas and Generate Opinion Instantly

Hammer - Share Opinions

Hammer LogoWho are we?

Hammer (Android & iOS) – a new medium through which people can share ideas and generate opinion instantly, is conceptualized by the two Young and Serial Entrepreneurs and Joint Managing Directors, Amit Khanna and Gaurav Khanna, who founded Americos Technologies Pvt. Ltd, an IT services company, for machinating their area of expertise i.e. technological strategy & innovation.


Hammer assists in connecting people for exchanging ideas and opinions, and sharing news! Moreover, users can post views and opinions along with comments on others’ questions.

It connects people of all ages and walks of life across the world through opinions which are unbiased, honest and independent. Hammer encourages pushing the boundaries further, enabling users to meet new people and get to know of newer ideas from around the globe.

L-R Gaurav- Amit  Managing directors of Hammer

This web and mobile based application sets a new landmark in collaborative interaction and boosts the user’s online social network experience like never before. Hammer is the hangout place which thrives on mutual co-operation, with a give and take of opinions, hammered out at your beck and call.

The Parent Group, Americos, is a much diversified group which has been dealing in several industry segments like textile processing chemicals, dyes and enzymes since 1922, which later progressed to serve major food, beverage and pharmaceutical manufacturers with its range of specialty enzymes and flavors.

What’s in the name?

The evolution of man has seen the extensive use of the hammer as an essential tool. Hammer shapes many tools and objects, and is also used to finalize a decision. Law uses it as a symbol of finality in judgements. The hammer signifies actions, names, and people – jurors in this case. It symbolizes force, action, and creativity just like the idiom, “hammer something out”, or “hammer home” an idea. Another popular phrase is – ‘hammer it down’ – which means “hurry up”.

The Hammer in our logo symbolizes rightfulness and quickness in the activities happening at Hammer.

What we do?

Hammer, the online opinion generating platform, enables the exchange of instant opinions from a global network. Hammer is a social and fun platform which assists people in getting and sharing instant opinions, exchanging ideas and news on one common platform, at a moment’s notice. Users can simply upload photos, ask questions and share opinions instantly.

Hammer stands apart from other social networks by the fact that it isn’t limited to one’s circle of friends and family, but connects the users with other like-minded people. It boosts a collaborative interaction with new people and shares newer ideas from around the globe. One can also share news by posting and voting about trending topics and updating himself/herself about the latest happenings around the world.

Hammer’s most exciting feature is that it includes a wide range of categories to choose from that touch all areas of human existence, the option of choosing the target audience for any post, sharing news and exchanging  opinions instantly. The possibility of getting objective, honest and unbiased answers from users around the world has been responsible for making several social network-addicts get hooked on to this platform. The app is sure to take this number of addicts to an even higher scale.

Why we do it?

Until now, there was no medium through which people could get opinions and suggestions online for something as quickly as possible. Our definition of ‘as quickly as possible’ equals to “at a moment’s notice”. Such a medium has never existed till date wherein people can get hold of opinions in a moment.

Creating such a platform has been our passion ever since we pioneered the idea, and today we all recognize it as “Hammer”. We believe in bringing people together for sharing opinions and ideas for a better understanding of things in and around them. We pushed this idea from our imagination to the drawing boards right on to the online media, raising the bar and setting a new standard in collaborative interaction.

How we evolve?

We are abreast with the latest happenings in technology field. Online reading is what keeps us updated. It’s always good to read about industry leaders, their experiences and the innovations, to know what new is coming up in technology and having interactive sessions with the experts. In Hammer too we have incorporated features which are the latest trend in Social Networking.

Social responsibility in social media

We, as a company, are very well aware of our moral responsibility towards the society. We certainly do not want to give what is unacceptable. We do not want any wrong message to pass in the society through Hammer. We take utmost care that no objectionable photos, questions, comments or false information is posted that hurt human sentiments or morals in any manner. No one should hold back himself/herself from using “Hammer” on ethical grounds.

Need of the hour

Hammer has all the features which are the need of the hour and a major concern in the society, due to the limitations of time and boundaries. It’s a platform to think freely and speak freely in. We give the opportunity to share the unusual, crossing all boundaries. It gives you answers to all your queries and problems from all arenas of life, when you find it difficult to take opinions from your family and friends, for various reasons.

But we do take care that the information communicated is credible and also make sure that the process of communication is as transparent as it can be .We ensure that any kind of content or conversations managed by the online network is done with absolute care and sensitivity.

We learned the hard way

Turning the inception of an idea into a reality was not a cake walk, especially for something as big as Hammer. It all started with having the difficulty of choosing and having the right people with us, discussions with technical teams, ideas, and still better ideas and turning them into something concrete.

There have been times when we felt “oh this, no this or better this” giving us sleepless nights, with ideas boggling our minds. Many a times we did something and then re-did it for something better. Every time the thought of giving the best and the unusual to the world made us do better, work harder and think beyond the boundaries.

They work with us

No, we won’t call them clients but they are our treasured Hammerites (the people who are using Hammer).

Industry as we foresee

There will be a need for social networks to create something meaningful yet fun. And this is the very reason Hammer was created.

A day without Internet

That’s not imaginable! We all want the world at our fingertips as quick as possible. It’s a major source of information for the major and even the minor happenings, and a fast medium. Sometimes major futuristic business decisions are dependent on the instant information available on the internet. For all the latest updates, be it about business, sports, health, technology, movies or fashion world we turn to the internet .

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we appreciate talent and are always keen on hiring people with the best skills and make our team stronger.