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Who are we?

We are Beeing Social, a buzzing Digital Marketing Agency catering to the needs of new BEES and start-ups in the online branding world. We started our agency on 22nd December, 2012 when apparently the world was about to end according to Mayan prophecy….Nevertheless, it was a new beginning for us.

What's in a "Name"?

What better example of the most social and dexterous entities in the living world, than honey bees?? Hence the name...We are a group of hard-working (and smart too) bees striving to design a digital honeycomb, especially customized for each of our clients to help them build not just an image, but also an identity which gives them an edge over competitors.

What we do?

We cover Social Media, Online Reputation Management, Online Branding and Online PR. Not to mention SEO, Google Analytics, Viral Marketing and Google Ad words. We also venture into Online Media Buying. All in all, a complete solution for everything that our clients need.

Why we do it?

Our founders had a chance to work with some of the best digital marketing agencies in India and also have decades of experience in the field of Print and Outdoor Media. However, after working in the industry, we realized that there was a big gap as all the digital agencies were after catering to big clients.

Start-ups, which in itself is a huge potential market, were largely left unattended. We tried to fit ourselves in this gap. We believe in CREATING a brand, and not just BRANDING it, the former being more challenging..And that’s what we love about it..!!

How we evolve?

We are constantly in search for new and innovative methods to make the best possible honeycombs for our clients to maximize their yield of sweet honey of success, always applying new ideas brainstormed by the entire team, and finding the latest tools and technology to improvise and emerge everyday..

Social responsibility in social media

As much as a double edged sword as it is, Social Media is emerging as one of the most powerful tool to reach out to the classes and the masses alike. Hence, it is aptly called “Social Media” and therefore we, as social media bees are constantly rechecking and reassuring every word that goes live. Communicating the right message, in a right way, at the right time is our forte.

Need of the hour

Yes, we are in absolute need for a governing or a regulatory body for digital marketing, because no mission can be holistically accomplished without set rules and regulations. The lack of which causes a lot of legal issues and at times becomes the source of a rift between an agency and a client. We are hopeful that in near future Digital Marketing would be more organized and disciplined as an industry.

We learned the hard way

While no start-up starts in a day, we broadly had the following philosophy for Beeing Social: First year of business - No gain only pain, Second year – some gain some pain and Third year- only gain no pain

Thankfully and delightfully so, we are through to our second level. So the biggest tip we would like to share is that, bee-ing patient and bee-ing dedicated are the only tools required to set you apart and ensure success.

Did we just share that?

A client called us up at 7 o clock in morning to inform us that it was his birthday, and he wants to be wished on his brand page with his photo.

They work with us

Aditya Birla Memorial Hospital, Jet fleet, Jet Air Tours, Raheja Builders, Mohan Group, Abreakplease and many more…

Industry as we foresee

With India bee-ing named the future super power, Digital Marketing is slowly becoming the pulse of Indian brands. With everyone bee-ing so tech savvy these days, children and elders alike, we see a humongous scope for growth and innovation in this industry.

A day without Internet

Hmm…Sounds like fun..But the bee inside us keeps buzzzziing until our fingers hit the keyboard..!! So…here we go..

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes. You can visit our site for the details.

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