Social Media Agency Feature : Coolfire Communications – A Boutique Agency


Who are we?

If your business is not on the internet yet, you might as well be living under a rock! The world is hurtling rapidly and breathlessly towards the digital age. Heck, we’re already there! Coolfire Communications, founded by Aditya Nishtala is a boutique agency, specializing in providing communication, marketing and advertising solutions on the internet.

Coolfire Communication

We understand that the way people listen, talk and engage has been evolving rapidly, and will continue to do so. We feel that Social Media is not just a platform. It is a whole world of possibilities for your business. At Coolfire, we don’t just ‘target’ the audience, we believe in captivating them, engaging them and going viral! In a crowded online space filled with a million voices, we don’t just aim at creating a ‘presence’ for you, but make your brand shine by engaging customers with compelling content. In fact, we believe that with awesome content, your brand won’t just remain a brand, but become a conversation!

What’s in the name?

Communication via the internet is very tricky. What brands communicate can spread across hundreds of media like wild “fire” within no time and create an impression about your brand. This phenomenon is like a double edged sword for your brand, it can either make you or break you!

For brands to leverage these media effectively, they have to strategize and channelize this “fire” in a way which makes their brand rather than breaks it! The necessary thought and craft needed to achieve this is “Coolfire”. Your brand needs Coolfire to effectively grow your business on the internet! Hence the name, Coolfire!

What we do?

Coolfire’s approach to Social Media and Online Marketing is the “Inbound Marketing Approach”. In an inbound marketing approach, emphasis is laid on devising marketing strategies for companies which is centered on compelling content. Simply put, be it a large MNC or your neighborhood coffee shop, you can fuel engagement about your brand only by creating awesome content for your brand.

Coolfire Marketing Solutions

Social Media Engagement:  Be it a Facebook Page, a Twitter profile or a Blog, an organization needs to participate, engage and influence people. In order to do so, we create compelling content for you which captivates people and draws them closer to their brand. Amplify this with the right advertising solution on the internet and you have tapped your target audience.

Digital PR Solutions: Identity refers to our own sense of self and how we are seen by our communities. Though it is very simple and free to have a digital footprint, it will cost you a lot later if you do not devise a PR strategy to create the right kind of identity for your brand. Be it managing your organization’s profile, a CEO/Celebrity profile or solving a bad reputation problem on the internet – we have been there and done that.

Coolfire Marketing Concepts: A Marketing concept comes into action with the right mix of content, strategy, tools and advertising. This, coupled with the participation of people, can infuse virality for an event, campaign, product launch or service on the internet. This activation can be done both online and offline and can directly result in higher levels of market engagement.

Why we do it?

The effectiveness and success of Digital for a brand lies in executing a strategy rather than planning one. Most of the organizations we come across understand that Social is increasingly becoming an important medium for market engagement but are clueless about how to effectively leverage it. At the core of execution, lies the art of creating compelling content to engage audience. The primary reason why we have entered this industry is to help companies create amazing content and we have come across very few peers in the industry who help their clients with content marketing on Social Media.

How do we evolve?

As we are a boutique agency, we tend to focus on building long term relationships with a limited number of clients. We make sure that we interact as often as possible with our clients, identifying real marketing needs within the company and then keeping a tab on tools, technologies and expert opinion on the internet to keep up with the trends relevant to them and thus, evolve.

Social responsibility in social media

Social Media is and has been one of the biggest enabler of peer-peer communication on the internet. People use these media to listen, talk and engage. Brands, agencies and organizations that leverage this media for business interests, should keep trust, user privacy and user experience as their top priorities before planning their marketing strategies. We, as an agency, strive to keep these in mind across all our marketing initiatives.

Need of the hour

Agencies and brands on Social Media should grow beyond contests for every marketing initiative they plan to do. Oops! did I burst the Bubble?! :D

They work with us

Our current profile includes 5 clientele, mostly SME’s from the areas of Education and Learning, Travel and Lifestyle.

Industry as we foresee

The Indian Social Media Industry is rapidly evolving, as compared to the situation 5 years ago. The market is a lot more mature now and most of the organizations we meet are very well aware of Social Media. The next few years, I think, will be the phase of consolidation. Agencies which have survived for more than 2 years, would have immense know how of their strengths and weaknesses and will start venturing into specialization in a specific vertical.

On that note, there is a tremendous need to build an eco-system and define industry standards in India. This would help companies keep a check on the industry and filter out the dubious ones! Conferences, Industry Events and Social Media Knowledge Portals help us go a long way in this direction!

A day without the Internet

We make sure that atleast once in 15 days, we disconnect ourselves from the internet. This helps us rejuvenate, gives us the creative freedom needed and helps us avoid stereotypes whenever we conceptualize marketing ideas for our clients.