Social Media Campaign Review: Spice Attempts to Connect with Youth Through The Dream Tree Campaign

Spice Milaye Sapnon Se

Spice Milaye Sapnon Se- The Dream Tree Campaign

Spice Mobile, the handset company that has craved its niche in the market with its reasonable prices, recently launched a digital campaign “Milaye Sapnon Se” which it hopes will become the world’s biggest dream tree online.


The digital contest ‘Spice Milaye Sapnon Se’ targetted the youth segment while creating a common platform where common people shared their dreams and aspirations with the world at large. This was an online initiative that Spice took to connect with consumer’s dreams while positioning its products(Spice Smart Phones) as a tool that would enable them to realize those dreams. 


The Spice Milaye Sapnon Se campaign ran from 24th March to 2nd April on a special microsite created for the campaign. Anyone could login with their Facebook account and submit entries for the contest. All you needed to do was to share your dreams on the aforementioned Spice microsite.

The aim was to create the World’s biggest dream tree online through all the dreams, which contestants shared. For dreams that were voted for the most or liked the most, there were daily prizes along with one big dream prize. The dream, which got the most likes or votes in a day would be awarded with the daily prize, which was the Spice Stellar Mettle Icon Mi-506 smartphone. A prize was to be given out daily for the 10 days of the contest. Additionally, a dream prize of 5 unique Spice Smartphones + 5 stylish headsets, is on offer and will go to the most voted and liked dream in the entire contest.

top dreams





The campaign was simple in its approach, conceptualization and implementation. That was its biggest strength. All of us have dreams and sharing them with the world can be liberating, and this contest offered exactly that.

The prizes were smart phones, which everyone aspires to win and it is a good way of putting the spotlight on the product. Voting for and liking the dreams shared added the element of virality to the campaign, one could view the leaderboard which kept things fair and transparent.

Creating a dedicated microsite for the campaign was also a good move.

Scope for Improvement

Though the campaign’s biggest strength lay in its simplicity, this was also its biggest weakness. It was a little too simple. A contest requires some challenge and that element was lacking here. Some offline integration would have made the contest more interesting.

 Overall, the campaign put the spotlight on the Spice Smart Phones. It also made people come out and share their dreams with the whole world but, on the whole, it lacked the “spice”. 



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