Social Media Case Study: How O Teri, a Bollywood Movie, Saw an 85% Organic Growth in Community Size on Social Media

o teri


O Teri, as a campaign, is an example of how organic growth can optimize the interaction base.


O Teri is a Bollywood movie which did not have a big star cast to bank upon and we were challenged to create an organic fan base. The objective was simple – to generate a true fan base which will watch the movie.


In order to achieve the objective we integrated the topic of movie to the current affairs of the country. The movie had a theme of corruption and politics, so we capitalized on it and gave a witty tone to our content tactics to make it shareable. Content tactics like “Aapko Kaisa Lag Raha Hai” and “O Teri News” were our prime buckets which imparted an idea about the movie. Simultaneously, we had fantastic interactions on Twitter which helped us trend multiple times within a time span of 2 months.


After the start of the campaign we received 35% of organic growth in fan base which spiked to 85% by mid campaign. By the end of the campaign we achieved an organic fans base of almost 90%.