Twitter To Launch 15 New Ad Units for Businesses to Market Themselves

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The glittering revenue in Twitter’s kitty which came to light during its Q4 growth is possibly the reason behind launching a bunch of ad units which are targeted to display on user timelines in the coming weeks. Advertisers have been eyeing Twitter’s advertising options for quite some time now; although it is not very mainstream in India at the moment.

Promoted accounts and tweets are not very fascinating for brands and thus Twitter decided to create specific ad formats to cater to ecommerce, mobile companies. Such companies have been more pocket friendly for Twitter in the past during events like Super Bowl.

The most popular types of ads are predicted to be:

App Install Ads

This is supposed to be one of the most popular types of ad unit which will also have the download option for users to directly install an application on their phones. This kind of ad is one step ahead of what the social giant, Facebook offers at the moment. It can easily become the most talked about ad type once it launches considering mobile game developers can capitalize on this big time.

Twitter App Install Ad

Embeddable Button

It is also reported that Twitter will offer embedded button options, directly connecting companies with customers. This would be more like Call-to-Click which will put users on a call with the businesses. If sources are to be believed, Twitter is also attempting to get users to directly buy a product from an ad. This could prove to be innovative if all goes well.

There are a host of other such formats too and a total of 15 different types that will begin crowding the Twitter timelines.

I hope that the ads do not excessively clutter timelines and are rather helpful for the user. Costing will be the next important factor to look forward to as Twitter competes with Facebook. Right now, Facebook is much lower than Twitter in terms of customer acquisition costs.