2nd Asian Customer Engagement Forum & Awards

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The 2nd Asian Customer Engagement Forum and Awards is scheduled on 23rd May, ITC Grand Central, Mumbai. The theme for the program is Successful Engagement = Devoted Customers

In today’s world, customers demand different kinds of relationships with organisations. It’s critical that marketers uncover new ways to create, enhance and sustain long-term customer engagement, integrating all channels and routes to market, responding to customers with personalised real-time engagement.

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The customer Engagement Forum is guided by team of advisory Board Members who expertise in Customer Engagement and is organised to Deliver the ultimate Customer Experience which will set customer centric companies apart from their competition in today’s competitive market to stay up to date with the latest in customer feedback, engagement, loyalty and retention techniques to benchmark their own multi-channel strategies against corporate innovators and leaders. For more details email at marketing@customerengagement.asia


40 under 40