Agency Spotlight – Propaganda India – Meet the Core Team of The Agency


As our “Agency Spotlight” for this month, showcasing Propaganda India, a digital creative and social agency that has been working companies and brands like, Google India and HDFC Life..

Presenting the key team members of Propaganda India who are spearheading various initiatives within the company that makes their work some of the best in the industry today.



Designation: Co Founder and Business Director
Why I Exist: Ah. I am living my dream, and with me many more people’s dreams. Of being the change. Of making a change and having a blast while at it!
Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Task Master, maybe?!
Client to me is: Dreamy-eyed, doe-eyed, sitting on top of the tower waiting to be shown the ways of the world and then to be rescued by their Digital Agency!
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the agency: Venkx and his latest Hindi dialogue blooper.



Designation: Co Founder and Creative Director
Why I Exist: To Lead You to the Light at the end of The Tunnel
Behind my back, my coworkers call me: I’ve Maintained That I haven’t heard it.
Client to me is: The catalysts to what we discover of ourselves as much as we help them discover themselves. In our journey , they are someone with whom we effortlessly get into jugalbandi of roles of fuel, propeller, navigators, and guy on the wheels. Effortlessly.
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the agency: That has moved down to the smoking lounge. I wouldn’t know.

Anand Sankar


Designation: Key Account Manager
Why I Exist: To decode briefs, discuss social media and destroy water bottles.
Behind my back, my coworkers call me: For some strange contorted reason, Ajay
Client to me is: Large spectrum of people ranging from Atticus Finch to Darth Vader
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the agency: The number of clients asking for a bigger logo on the creative.



Designation: Group head-Art or someone with his head at the right place.
Why I Exist: Can I pass you my Dad’s number. He would know why and how.
Behind my back, my coworkers call me: The psychedelic warhol
Client to me is: For every good, there is evil in the world. But on a serious note, they are the fuel in the machines called advertising minds. No fuel, no advertising.
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the agency: We don’t have a cooler but our cold water gossip is that people are going to get 100% bonuses.



Designation: Creative Director
Why I Exist: I don’t exist, I live.
Behind My back My Co-workers Call Me: Rude things like Manoj, copylator, Desmond Tutu or at times even C# or Bb.
Client to Me Is:A human just like me. With strengths and weaknesses, also just like.
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the agency: There is a theory floating around that certain members of the partnership are bent on achieving world dominance. And that Propaganda is just a front for a lab.



Designation: Design engineer
Why I Exist: Just to play
Behind my back, my coworkers call me: DADA
Client to me is: Jo: Feedback. Changes. #Laxmi.
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the Designation: Shhh…I am not that kind



Designation: Sr. Copywriter
Why I Exist: My folks forgot the protection.
Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Baba – the reasons for which are best kept a secret.
Client to me is: The people who pay us to have fun.
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the agency: Assuming this question is directed at women, ignore maadi.



Designation: Chief Animation Officer
Why I Exist: Would very much want to take this esteem opportunity to thank my parents for my soul existence and i do exist because i give life to the non existent things.
Behind my back, my coworkers call me: I do not listen to the call of co-workers which are unnecessary , however I give my best as a member of the team to optimize the team work/objective to fullest of my ability.
Client to me is: Is a person expecting the unexpected, supernatural. I am always customer centric and I believe in customer delight in delivering the best of his needs including the implied one.
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the agency: We are here to work and get the best for both company and me something like this I don’t know, I guess is the hottest gossip.



Designation: Key Account Manager
Why I exist: To help create
Behind my back my coworkers call me: Chaser. Doesn’t get off creative’s back.
Client to me is: A friend in need.
Hot water Cooler Gossip: Will Sehwag make a come back?



Designation: Client Partner
Why I exist: To show my louve for ideas, strategy, digital, design and everything ‘new age’, coloquially speaking.
Behind my back, my coworkers call me: Lannyaaa
Client to me is: Always right ;)
Hot Water Cooler Gossip at the agency: Scaaan for food. Attackk!