Agency Spotlight – Propoganda India: Gifting Nation Leverages Emotions via #PostcardsForMom on Mother’s Day

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This is a part of our Agency Spotlight Feature where we bring forth agencies who are doing kick-ass work with their clients and helping them achieve their business goals. For this month, we’d like to showcase Propaganda India.

Celebrating “Days” have always been a great marketing spin for brands. People respond to them readily and you will always see good returns from it.

However, as a brand, you need to make sure that you stay relevant as well as interesting if you want to make such a campaign successful. As we celebrate Mother’s Day, Gifting Nation’s #PostcardsForMom has managed to stay relevant, but has it been able to pique the interest of people? Keep reading.


Building An Emotional Connect

Through the #PostcardsForMom campaign, Gifting Nation is looking to connect with its audience via an emotion that is possibly the most strongest in the world.

The contest asks the users to recollect an instance when they took their mother for granted and share with the world (and Gifting Nation as well).

By asking people to look back and recollect all those nostalgic memories, Gifting Nation is building an emotional connect with the users and making an attempt to strengthen its positioning in the psyche of the consumers.

 gifting nation - retweet

And when people form an emotional connect with you, your marketing effort becomes smooth!

Taking Personalized Communication To A Different Level

Personalizing people’s messages is not new to social media but the brand has taken it offline and will be shipping personalized illustrated post cards to them.

We have heard of personalized responses & images being created but giving people an experience in the form of a postcard, which has been an intimate and emotional form of communication for decades, is what works for this campaign.

 gifting nation - fb content

Personalization in the digital medium can never be as effective as it can be offline, and the marketing team of Gifting Nation realized this. Although I think 10 is a small number, they should be sharing the personalized cards with a lot many people to intensify their impact.

Keeping It Simple

What I liked the most the about the campaign was the way it has been positioned. There are no gimmicks like ‘RT this Tweet’ and ‘Get the most number of likes’ to elicit the response from people.

People are simply sharing their stories and the most interesting ones are winning the personalized messages. It’s just your experiences. The brand is not looking at anything else from the users which is keeping it simple and real.



mothersday 2



No Jazzy Prizes

I also like the fact that there aren’t any iPhone 5S or iPad Mini’s for grab here. The world of social media has seen enough of such contests and I am glad the brand has not gone this way.

By keeping a simple (but highly effective) prize and avoiding fancy gifts, they have managed to keep the serial contest players at bay and kept the entire activity relevant to the audience.

A real relief from all such gimmicky contests, I say.

Leveraging Celebs

Gifting Nation has gone ahead and dedicated celebs with personalized e-cards. With an attempt to leverage their star power and reach, the brand is attempting to spread its messages to a larger audience.

gifting nation - AR Rahman postcards

Although I would suggest them to reach to the fan base of these celebs who will be more than enthusiastic to spread the message and build more buzz.

End Notes

I like the simplicity of #PostcardsForMom. Gifting Nation has stuck to its fundamentals and I am sure it will intensify its positioning of ‘Bring joy to relationships’.

With a message that forms an emotional connect with people, this campaign is what brands should be doing when they are celebrating days; instead of doling out discounts & freebies!