A Letter To Facebook Written With a Broken Heart!

Kalpana Chauhan
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Dear Facebook

Let me introduce myself. My name is…. well it could be any name…err Facebook brand page name. So, I am yet another FaceBook brand page that was created with the trust that you are a true social network, a network that works on the principle of ‘being social’ and supports and encourages conversations- conversations not only between people but between people and brands! You humanized me and my fellow brand pages and gave us an assurance that now we and our fans can converse about anything and everything under the earth till our respective fans are happy with the conversation.

You were not like TV, where my brand was paying money and forcing viewers to watch and listen whatever it wanted to. You empowered my fans and gave me opportunity to interact with them, till the time they like me and whatever I share with them. It went all good for the last few years, but then somehow you got greedy. You forgot the ‘social’ and left it out from social network. Do you even know what you have become? Well, you have become just a lifeless network that doesn’t support or value 'social'!

You asked me to pay money to make my prospective fans know I was there this I can understand, but you know what else you have done? You stood in between me and my fans. They liked me because they wanted to hear me out, but you started taking bribe in order to let my words reach to them. Initially slowly & gradually and then with swift speed you restrained my reach and now my voice would be restricted to almost 1% of my fans unless I keep on bribing you. But now you have tasted blood, so with each passing day your greed is getting bigger, and this bribe amount too is increasing in leaps and bounds! And worst thing is you hide all these evil intentions in the name of doing good for fans.

Facebook DislikeYou say that you want to give Facebook users a good experience. You want them to see and read good quality stuff. But please tell me, who are you to decide what my fans want to see and read? If they don't like my stuff, they can and they will unlike me by just one click. But, they want to know what I am sharing with them, that's why they hit that "like" button. If you are really so very much concerned about giving users a great experience then how do you show the same low quality content, if I pay you for it. If I have bribed you well, even if someone doesn't like me, you find ways to deliver my messages as suggested story. You have doubled the size of image in right hand rail ad, so that users attention could be ensured and you can push me and my friends brand pages to dig deep into our pockets and shell out more money. While doing this where does all the concern for users disappear?

My question to you is, is there any end to your greed? Was all your charm a ploy to make me fall in love with you, so that you could start exploiting me? I recall reading in one of your document that the main reason to acquire fans isn't to build a free distribution channel for content; it's to make future Facebook ads work better. Tell me, wasn't it all about money in your heart since the very beginning? And now with no social left in your social network, is it about time where we should reconsider our existence and figure out other networks which are truly social?

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