Social Media Agency Feature: Buzzinga – A Social Media Agency


Who are we?

Buzzinga is multimedia conglomerate Percept Group’s foray into social media. It has inherited the group’s legacy of a 360 degree integrated marketing communication approach and helps brands make an impactful presence on diverse social media.

What’s in the name?

It’s all in the name, we make you buzz & bet you like never before.

What do we do?

We are a one stop destination for all your communication needs. You name it and we provide it.
Website design, development & Maintenance
Digital media consulting
Social media management & optimization
Search engine optimization
Content management
Mobile marketing
Application development
Online Reputation Management

Why do we do it?

People say digital is the future, we believe the future is now! It’s evolving at a faster pace than we imagine. We understand the need for innovative solutions and constant change required to stay on top, always.

We harness all aspects of digital media to promote clients & brands working with us, to help them reach the targeted audience & emboss their brand name in the market with our cutting edge technology, creativity & mind blowing ideas.

Social responsibility in social media

Amateur handling can kill a brand. As experts in the field, we ensure that your brand gets the right publicity. We believe that ‘ not all publicity is good publicity’. Our social responsibilities define the way our social media practices are carried out.
Because, above all, we believe in sustaining our brand and growing with our client partners.

Need of the hour/Industry we foresee: The road ahead

Digital marketing has the potential to maximize your presence far beyond the physical. In a dynamically changing market scenario, the online space can be the distinguishing factor in visibility and traction.
We are at the cusp of the digital revolution – a time when businesses are just realizing the power of the medium. We believe it’s better to be the trendsetter and reap the early profits rather than ride the wave when the rich pickings have already been taken!

We learned the hard way/ How we evolve

In a market full of uncertainties & emerging social media trends, keeping track of every innovation that comes our way & reinventing strategies and technologies to suit clients’ needs has been the crux of our existence. The harder we push ourselves, the better we push your brand on the online front.

Did we just share that?

Buzzinga loves to go viral. We belong to an industry where we and our clients need to be in consensus about the decisions we take & how we decide to go ahead with what suits the brand. We post, tweet, upload, share almost everything the brand needs. Also, we never stop the engaging button. That’s the fuel that drives us & keeps us going.

A day without the Internet

Samosa Talks
Interaction and engagement are our mantra. Google, Facebook, Twitter and others of their ilk are our mates – and we thrive on them! The Internet is our best friend, playground and mentor – for ourselves and our clients as well.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes. You can visit our site, fill in the online form & our HR will get back to you.