Social Media Agency Feature: Good Bad Weird – A Social Media Agency

Who are we?

Good Bad Weird is a platform independent agency with a good understanding of both online and offline medium. We analyse client’s problem and suggest the most relevant solution, whether it’s an app, a web film or a 360 degree campaign.

We believe that people have found their voice with social media. It is a great opportunity for brands to get mileage and PR. Today, the most important perimeter for evaluating an idea is – Will it get people talking?

Good Bad Weird Team

What’s in the name?

Advertising is the art of making and managing perception. And perception can be good, bad or weird.

What we do?

We tell stories. Online, offline and mobile. Stories, because they have been passing popular wisdom and helping solve problems since time immemorial. And people appreciate good stories not chest thumping.

Why we do it?

The whole world is talking technology and the advertising world is full of technical buzz words.

We have grown up loving stories and we believe that at the core of every good brand is a good story. People don’t want technology or innovation or other buzz words, they want good stories. This is the reason why we stay media or platform independent. We let stories dictate the choice of media not the other way round.

We believe in the power of ideas and we do everything we can to do justice with a good idea. We don’t like playing safe because it is as good as not playing.

How we evolve?

Evolution has always been the key in advertising. We still do it the old way by listening to people out there and not the ones sitting in the air conditioned conference rooms.

We try to read and look at as much stuff as we can. We are really curious about knowing the thought processes of leading artists as it helps us in opening our mind.

We also encourage a lot of collaboration so that we can work with people with different expertise.

Social responsibility in social media

Now, people are connected all the time and it is more important than ever to get things right. If you get it wrong be prepared for bashing but if you get it right, people will become your brand ambassadors. Customer service has an integral role to play and social media has been changing that for good.

A brand needs to talk honestly and genuinely just like a real person not a brand. And if you have a good story to tell, people will lend you ears. And better still their tweets, status and what not.

Need of the hour

Content is the real need of the hour.

After all, you got to do something with those millions of FB page likes or followers.

We also need to go beyond the safe content and take some risks. There are questions no one has answers for. We need to explore. Make some mistakes. Learn from our failures and success. Nobody can make a viral video. We all can make a web film and if it has good content it might go viral.

We learned the hard way

Learning is a never ending exercise for us. And we continue to learn and evolve each day.

We have realized that your hardest client is you, yourself. We were to create our website and we were just not able to finalise any idea. Meanwhile, we pitched for a client and he really liked our stuff. He called us and the first thing he asked us was – You guys do digital. Why then your site is still under construction?

We felt really bad but it still took us time to get our website online. We didn’t create just another website but did something different by creating a Pinsite (website made on Pinterest). The good news is we have heard from the client again.

Our learning: Don’t get over with things. Do something good and unique and the world will take notice.

Did we just share that?

We were pitching for a new client. We were asked to come back with something innovative, something that has never been done before. We got excited and were in his conference room 3 days later. We presented him an “innovative idea that has never been done before.” He seemed to like the idea but to be sure he asked us to show him some successful case studies of the same idea or something similar. And we were like, this client behaviour for sure has never been done before.

They work with us

We have not yet completed a year yet we have been trusted by some big clients. We would like to express our gratitude to WeChat, Su-Kam, Indian Cancer Society, Change your, Creative people and NDTV.

Industry as we foresee

Social Media has gone beyond evangelism stage now. Clients are well aware and more and more brands are making their appearance on Social Media.

The industry will see more experimentation from here. Honest and genuine stories, big ideas and better ways of execution will see light of the day. More money will be pumped into the industry and clients will want solutions that tie their marketing efforts spread in various media channels.

Content will take centre stage and doors for more collaboration will open. Social experiment is another area that will see a lot of exciting development in the near future.

A day without Internet

A day without internet would mean some real time on our hands and we would spend it connecting with the real world. More quality time with family and some good old friends like books and board games.

Lastly, are you hiring?

We are not hiring right now but we can always create space for an exciting talent.