Agency Feature: Puretech


Who are we?

Puretech is an award-winning, full services digital agency, based in Mumbai, India. The company has over a decade’s experience helping organizations and brands more effectively use the digital medium to achieve their business goals – be it acquiring customers, adding new revenue channels or delivering a more immersive experience of the brand.

We don’t think of digital as an end in itself. For Puretech, digital technologies and tools are the means to reach desired outcomes. We are results focussed in everything we do.

Our teams don’t talk about digital first or mobile first or browser first. It’s always YOU first. So, tell us about your business challenges or objectives, and we will show you the digital way.

What we do?

Puretech Digital specialises in conceptualizing and executing 360-degree digital marketing projects. It has over a decade of experience across search marketing (both organic and paid), social media marketing, content, UI/UX, and content development, all supported by web development.

Puretech helps clients in domains as diverse as banking and insurance, travel, retail and e-commerce achieve a variety of business objectives – be it driving leads, selling products and services, building customer communities, creating brand engagement or influencing opinions.

Why we do it?

With data being at the centre of all discussions today, it is our analytical approach that has helped us break through the clutter and address specific areas in Digital Marketing, that have a direct impact on the performance of campaigns and programs that we manage.

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How we evolve?

From pre-press publishing services for top publishers based out of the UK to designing, marketing and branding products and websites for clients in the country, Puretech Digital has worked with hundreds of brands across verticals and geographies. In 2004, under the name of Puretech Digital, we were one of the first few agencies to have SEO services as an offering in India. Our unique approach of building intent based custom strategies, for our client’s product and services, turned out to be an amazing experience for their businesses. 2018- We launched Quantent- our brand for digital content creation and marketing. We successsfully executed a major content marketing program for a leading Bank in India. We launched our US operations in 2018. With an established setup, we are now working with agencies and early stage businesses in the areas of performance marketing, both organic and paid. Factors that contributed to our growth- one team-one experience, empathetic outlook inside and outside of us. stronger processes and review systems.

Did we just share that?

Before we moved to this fancy office, we started as a two people company and were operating from a makeshift office.  The  first employee that we hired didn’t turn up on the day of joining . We didn’t have a clue and the guy wasn’t answering calls. Weeks later we came to know that he were apprehensive that the company might shut down coz we were operating from a so called “house”.  We still have a  good laugh about it.

Industry as we foresee

There’s a lot of growth on the cards over next decade. There are 2 streams of businesses – one that are already well established and making a transition to digital. Second is new businesses starting from a digital first approach to make a dent. Both types have growing numbers and we see lots of opportunity to help these brand stories be told. 

The challenge is going to be picking the right channels and staying relevant in a very rapidly evolving environment – both in terms of channels, nature of communication and technology. Agencies will have to find a way to stay relevant & creative at the same time.

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A day without Internet

Would be like cutting off the oxygen supply in our office – we’d be lost! Though it might also be a good time to the team to disconnect and a step towards ideation.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we’re always on the lookout for sharp digital chimps.