Social Media Agency Feature: Silly Monks – A Digital Agency

Silly Monks

Who are we?

We are Silly Monks Entertainment Pvt Ltd, we are an end to end digital company. We are as silly as a monkey and wise as a monk, hence we do everything and anything with respect to digital.

What’s in the name?

As mentioned above, we are silly, really silly, really really silly, so silly that you can see us Silly Monks suddenly gathering in the middle of the office and have a jam session, impromptu skits and work and eat. Yes, we are music and work addicts. The Monks in Silly Monks is actually a short form for monkeys, but we then decided that we had an image close to the wise ‘Rafiqi’ from ‘The Lion King.’ Hence you can evidently see the monkey within us, so we made sure that it’s our logo.

What we do?

We are into 360 Digital Marketing, whether it is creative digital marketing, social media optimization, digital advertising, branding & positioning, publishing and video production. We make out of the box videos for clients and then promote them. We love to Google, which explains our love for Google. Our love towards Google was so much that even Google couldn’t deny it and hence they proposed for marriage and gave us the privilege of being one of their 13 Premium SME partners in the country for advertising. To conclude we love working with brands, movies, people and help them build their brand, network and presence in the digital space and just to add, even Facebook started liking us and gave us a premium SME partners status (sorry no link available for that).

Why we do it?

We strongly believe that the digital space has changed the world. It changed the perception of audience towards a brand/person/movie or anything.

We come from the media industry, hence we understand the importance of digital over main stream.

It’s all digital silly, that’s what we keep saying.

How we evolve?

We strongly believe in brain storming. Sometimes we miss our timelines because of that. We make sure that no pitch or proposal goes out to a client without the inputs of each and every member of the team.

We want to make it a culture and try and be transparent. At Silly Monks everyone is heard. We have people who love Acting in the team. We spend some time in a week to help them make a movie, a small one and put it on YouTube. We love evolving and playing with our strengths.

Social responsibility in social media

Social Media is a Social Responsibility. Without having social responsibility, we can’t have a successful social media campaign is what we strongly believe in. Keeping the user experience in mind and meeting the clients’ requirements is how we do it.

Need of the hour

Holistic marketing is supposed to be the way the mainstream should work. But, there is a gap between the mainstream media and digital space. We believe in understanding both the sides and we strive towards bridging this gap as it is the need of the hour.

We learned the hard way

Absolutely, in spite of having a founder who has 24 years of experience in the media and entertainment space. We had our biggest learnings in the first six months.

Initially we started off making YouTube videos for brands/ movies/individuals keeping in mind our goal of being the finest digital marketing and advertising agency in the country. With the digital space being an ever changing entity, we worked very hard to understand and adapt to the changes, technology and trends of the digital space.

Did we share that?

In our line of work there is no such thing as working hours, we are always online, on the line and always wanting to connect and build connections

They work with us

PVP Ventures, Nandamuri Balakrishna, Freedom Healthy oil, Vaaraahi Chalana Chitram (makers or Makkhi aka Eega), Vardenchi custom motorcycles, Krishna Mehta, Aditya Music,, iGenero, Loksatta Party, Arka Mediaworks (makers of Bahubali).

Industry as we foresee

Digital Marketing today is a giant mammoth baby taking its baby steps, it still has to grow into the humongous beast it is supposed to be. Now the cavemen are learning ways to kill this mammoth. We, Silly Monks would love to play with the mammoth from its incubation so that we survive along with the mammoth that’s here to exist and only grow.

A day without Internet

Is Apocalyptic, but such times are when we use our brains and not fingers alongside the brain. This is the day when we are in high spirits and await the return of INTERNET.

Lastly, are you hiring?

Yes, we are always looking for talent.